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10 Questions with Julie, Craftwood machinist

This week at Craftwood we’re focussing on our talented machinist, Julie, who makes our detailed stitching concepts a reality:

Julie, Craftwood machinist

Julie, Craftwood’s machinist

1. How long have you been working at Craftwood?

5 years

2. What is your day-to-day role at Craftwood?

I am a key part of the workflow in the Craftwood factory, ensuring that the upholsterers have covers to upholster!

3. What you like most about working at Craftwood?

Craftwood is a small company with a big heart. We all work together as a team and look out for each other. I know if I have any problems there is always someone to help me.

4. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working at Craftwood?

I enjoy reading and spending time with my family, especially my 4-year-old grandson.

5. Do you have a favourite project that you have completed?

Project 1: The Mondrian

From day one I knew that the Mondrian was going to be a big job, but it was also a rewarding and challenging project. Every area of the hotel was different, from the bright coloured leather, which was stitch fluted, to the softer, more subtle mohair. The end result was stunning.

Tom Dixon - Mondrian London, At Sea Containers 9199 ID29

Tom Dixon – Mondrian London, At Sea Containers 9199 ID29


Tom Dixon - Mondrian London, At Sea Containers 9199 ID17

Tom Dixon – Mondrian London, At Sea Containers 9199 ID17

Project 2: Jamie’s Italian – Barbecoa, One New Change

The project incorporated stitch fluted seating. The challenge with Barbecoa was that although here were a lot of straight units and quite a few were angled 90 degrees.

Craftwood stitching, Jamie's Italian, Barbecoa

Stitch fluted seating at Barbecoa, One New Change

Project 3: Ivy Chelsea Garden

Ivy Chelsea Garden consisted of sofas and chesterfields, which I really enjoyed doing. The result at the end was stunning, especially with the studs around the arms and along the front of units.

Craftwood sofa for Ivy Chelsea Garden

Ivy Chelsea Garden

6. Have you dined at a restaurant where you saw the Craftwood seating you worked on first hand? How did you feel?

I have dined at Jamie’s Italian in Birmingham, May 2014. I felt very proud when I saw the end product in the restaurant and so many people sitting on it. The proudest moment was when our waiter told me that two nights earlier Michael Bublé was having a meal in the restaurant and sat on the Craftwood seating. How cool is that?

7. Do you have a favourite Craftwood stitching style?

Saddle stitch. It takes a bit longer to do but the result looks really good. It divides the seat up and also strengthens the seat from wear and tear.

Example of Craftwood's Saddle Stitch style

Example of Craftwood’s Saddle Stitch style

8. Which Craftwood stitching style is the most challenging?

The most challenging stitching I have completed so far was for Nando’s Epsom, which consisted of assorted tessellating diamond pattern, to be flipped horizontally and vertically to creative four different patterns. They were all stitched through half inch foam, which produced a 3D effect.

Stitching at Nando's Epsom

Craftwood stitching at Nando’s Epsom

9. Do you have a favourite Craftwood seating style?

I enjoy working on deep buttoned or chesterfield units. They look stunning when completed and last a lifetime.

10. Are there any designers that Craftwood work with that you particularly admire or take inspiration from for your work?

I enjoy working on Tom Dixon’s designs, for example The Mondrian. All of his designs are vibrant and exciting so you know that you are working on something special.


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