Barbecoa, One New Change

Location: London

Commissioned by: Jamie Oliver Ltd

Interior Design

Original design concept by Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio


Jamie Oliver and his team wanted to refresh the main seating area of this busy, vibrant venue. They called upon Craftwood to manufacture the new sprung base seating.

The team wanted to retain the same overall layout and general seating style but inject some more warmth and improve comfort in the area. Another aim was to be able to re-use the shaped bespoke concrete tables in the scheme.

Jamie's Barbecoa 8747 ID11

Jamie’s Barbecoa 8747 ID11

The Solution

Craftwood assessed the current seating ergonomics and came up with a re-design that provides improved comfort whilst at the same time as keeping the same general appearance and layout which works so well in the environment. With its theatre like kitchen and stunning views of St Pauls Cathedral, it was vital that we got it right!

Jamie's Barbecoa 8747 ID30

Jamie’s Barbecoa 8747 ID30

Heather Baskerville, Sales Director at Craftwood, worked with Jamie’s team on the leather selection, and provided a wide range of samples. A warm chestnut colour was selected, and the stitch fluted seats and backs were sewn in a contrasting red thread for a subtle additional detail. The seating sits on polished gold laminated plinths which further adds to the feel, and is easy to keep clean also.

Jamie's Barbecoa 8747 ID5

Jamie’s Barbecoa 8747 ID5

As you can see from the complicated layout, varying angles and shared backs, there were some real challenges for the joinery and upholstery shop but I am sure you will agree, they have excelled themselves here!

Jamie's Barbecoa 8747 ID21

Jamie’s Barbecoa 8747 ID21



The Results

A completely revamped seating area in an already stunning venue!