Find out where it all began...

Craftwood begins

We get our first logo


We're open. Staff number is 6

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2001 - Craftwood rebrands

Our logo gets an update just a year after we open

2001- Mandy starts as Office Manager

Mandy becomes the new Office Manager.

2001- Newcomer Stewart joins

Stewart joins as the first Joiner / Framemaker

2002 - Our logo gets a lick of paint

It will last another 2 years in this incarnation

2004 - We completely rebrand

2005 - Mandy becomes Financial Director

Mandy gets promoted to Financial Director

2006 - Newcomer Andy joins

Andy joins as an Upholsterer

2007 - Newcomer Heather joins

Heather joins as the new Sales Manager

2009 - The logo sees a nice tidy up

2009- Alan becomes Managing Director

Alan becomes the Managing Director of Craftwood

2009- Stewart promoted

Stewart is promoted to Joinery Supervisor

2010 - Andy promoted

Andy is promoted to Upholstery Supervisor

2011 - Heather promoted

Heather is promoted to Sales Director

2011- Kyle completes placement year

Kyle completes his placement year

2011- We undergo our biggest rebrand yet

2012 - Dexter completes placement year

A second placement student

2013 - Kyle returns as a Designer

Kyle returns as a Designer

2013- Sophie joins Craftwood

Sophie joins Craftwood as HR & Office Manager

2014- Dexter returns

Dexter returns as Design Manager

2014- Kyle Promoted

Kyle is promoted to Design Manager

2014- Sophie Promoted

Sophie is promoted to Marketing Manager

Staff total in 2015 = 24

2015- New Site Launched

Our brand new site is launched in early 2015