Case Study

GBK Beverley


REF: 16-1101

The Brief

A new shopping and leisure centre bringing the big names of food, fashion and film to the beautiful market town of Beverley were attractions that brought premier burger restaurant GBK to the “Historic Heart of East Yorkshire”. With over 1.5 million visitors in its first 12 months and the relocation of East Riding College to a new on site campus, the Flemingate Development has established itself as a central destination, adding its close proximity to the historic Minster helped seal GBK’s decision.

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Interior Design

Martin Brudnizki Design Studio

The Solution

The interior takes its inspiration from Beverley’s historic streets with their timber frame buildings, hence the extensive use of oak, its colour palette drawn from the cultural associations of the town both past and present.


Careful measurements were in order as these banquettes had to fit against walls below a dado rail. Note how the fluted backs match the vertical wall panels.


The use of oak throughout the interior extends to the seating. In the main area teal blue banquettes sport oak capping, beading and downstands, while at the rear of the restaurant (above) float button back seating features solid oak ends (below). Craftwood carefully matched the stain of the seating timber to the wall paneling.


GBK hailed its opening in the Flemingate centre a resounding success with over 1,300 diners in its first week. Its interior is certainly an aesthetic success, spacious, stylish and modern yet redolent of the heritage of this historical market town. There were some involved constructional requirements given the features such as beading, architraves and end panels that were incorporated. The result though is a testament to Craftwood’s attention to detail and craftsmanship, as well as to the level of coordination with designers and fitters vital on such a project.

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