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GBK Worcester


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The Brief

Opening alongside other premium-brand restaurants and shops, Chief Operating Officer Keith Bird said GBK couldn't wait to be "part of the buzz" at Worcester's CrownGate shopping centre. Sited in a former Early Learning Centre, the new premises would need a considerable amount of work, not to mention designer insight, to transform it into a restaurant, especially given GBK's penchant for exuberant interiors.

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Interior Design

Moreno Masey

The Solution

Moreno Masey's Daniel O'Keeffe highlighted the effect achieved with the new frontage: "The restaurant entrance steps back from the street, metaphorically inviting the customer in by creating an enriched street scene, with large folding doors allowing the restaurant and street to merge."


Inside, as with all GBK restaurants, the interior is something special. The team at Moreno Masey came up with this eye-catching design for seating requiring a diamond stitch pattern utilising two leathers, it expertly complements the zig-zag flooring.


...for those with an eye for detail, a novel feature includes the use of a perforated leather for the booth seating.


Daniel O'Keeffe explained: "The restaurant took its cue from the local historic craftsmanship of gloves and was a play between celebrating craftsmanship contrasted against industrial development. The beauty in the detailing, choice of leather and cut, stitching and working of the materials was used as an inspiration in bringing the personal touch to the fine detailing of the banquettes and booth seating. Mesh detailed leather, reminiscent of exquisite glove detailing were incorporated into the styling and furnishing seats to both enrich and focus attention on each personal dining experience. "This fine detailing was then set against more industrial and heavy feel of the material and lighting choices particularly in the metal and glass dividing screens, but also in the choice of pendants and wall lights. New bespoke concrete and metro tiles create hard edges in contrast to the leather work. A mixture of reclaimed and new timber boards with cut recesses, fine wallpaper prints and framing elements on walls and floors help to set up unique spaces within the restaurant to offer variety and choice."


As for its interior, the former Early Learning Centre was transformed into an aesthetic triumph of the GBK brand, with Daniel O'Keeffe describing the effect: "At the centre of the restaurant a centrepiece bar clad with beautifully lit coloured metro tiles and bespoke concrete diamond tiles, draws the attention of the customer and sets up the different elements of the space. At the rear framed glimpsed views of the kitchen and preparation areas creates the restaurant's all important cookline theatre, linking the craft of cuisine with the craft of design. Beautiful lighting and material choices help set the scenes, highlighting spaces, materials and details amongst the staff in action." Incorporating a reference to a past local craft, glove making, while conspicuously allying the craft of design with the craft of cuisine, the concept of "craft" underpins the interior. As for the seating, GBK Worcester illustrates that whether it's plain or requires complex stitch patterns and multiple fabrics Craftwood has the skills to bring the ideas of the country's top designers to life.

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