Behind the scenes with the Craftwood Design team

Our feature this week provides a behind the scenes glimpse of our talented design team. The team, consisting of Design Managers Dexter and Kyle, are the creators of the detailed manufacturing drawings which are signed-off by the client before passing onto the Craftwood production team.


Dexter, Craftwood Design Manager

Dexter, Craftwood Design Manager

Dexter began his role as Design Manager after graduating in Product Design at University, in which he undertook a specialist module in Furniture Design. Dexter discovered his eye for design at GCSE level and this passion continued through to university and has been developed in his role at Craftwood.

“My university course prepared me well for my Craftwood placement as I was well drilled in designing a product from an initial concept, tweaking for the final concept and taking the completed specification to the prototype stage.”

“Now that I am a key part of the Craftwood team, I particularly enjoy the amount of responsibility I’m given on each project to make our clients’ dream seating a reality”


Kyle, Craftwood Design Manager

Kyle, Craftwood Design Manager

Kyle joined Craftwood after completing a placement year as part of his 4 year university course in Design Visualisation and felt that his year within the design team working to tight deadlines on client projects helped him greatly when he returned to university:

“After my placement year at Craftwood I was more organised, with improved time management and I had a stronger work ethic overall.”

“Prior to my placement at Craftwood my university course prepared me for the challenges through tuition on the application of a range of materials and construction methods, in addition to advanced software training.”

The Craftwood Design Process

3D CAD Visual - Sprung Based Seating

3D CAD Visual - Sprung Based Seating

Now settled into the Craftwood team, as passionate and diligent designers both Dexter and Kyle ensure that they use the latest and most effective design techniques. Each combines key processes such as AutoCAD, Photoshop and Precision Hand Sketching to bring project drawings to life for clients.

Each agreed that it’s the satisfaction of the installed seating which is the motivation behind their designs. Dexter highlights Jamie Oliver’s, Barbecoa One New Change as a memorable project that he completed:

“It was a challenging but rewarding project as it required precision and attention to detail to ensure that Tom Dixons seating layout would fit around the multiple pillars and faceted walls in the restaurant.”

“It made me feel proud to see my initial drawings turned into a finished project”

Kyle felt that the seating and wall panels in the curved room at Royal Greenwich Music Hub was a particularly satisfying project:

“The seating, which was designed to compliment the venue’s architecture, helped to provide maximum comfort, aid the audio and give a great cinema experience.”

Below are some quick fire questions for further insight into the Craftwood Design Team’s project experience

What have been your favourite seating projects?

1. Jamie Oliver’s Barbecoa
2. Trimline – Spirit of Tasmania 1 and 2
3. Mondrian hotel

Fluted back seating at Jamie Oliver's Barbecoa

Fluted back seating at Jamie Oliver's Barbecoa

1. Beaugrenelle Paris
2. Royal Greenwich Music Hub
3. Ivy Chelsea Garden, Kings Road

Eclectic Restaurant Beaugrenelle Paris 8831 ID8

Eclectic Restaurant Beaugrenelle Paris 8831 ID8

What is your favourite seating style?

Dexter: I love any seating made on bespoke timber or metal frames because it is something different from standard seating.

Kyle: I like Chesterfield style seating – its old fashioned, very impressive to look at and I admire the skill that is required to make it.

Which designers do you work with that inspire you?

Dexter: Moreno Masey

Kyle: Martin Brudnizki Design Studio

Which seating project did you draw up last?

Dexter: Nando’s Whitechapel

Kyle: GBK Bromley

Which seating project will you draw up next?

Dexter: Nando’s Watford

Kyle: Nando’s Southampton

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