Craftwood's Tough Mudder Experience

Entering Tough Mudder at the beginning of 2016 seemed like a big challenge, but we knew as a team we would be able to make it through.

Training was difficult due to other commitments, but when it mattered most we all pulled together and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Introducing Team Craftwood

For those of you who don't know the Tough Mudder Challenge, it's an extremely muddy 10 mile running course with 21 obstacles, if you really want to see what it's about then check out their official website

At 6am on Saturday 24th September we all headed off to the Tough Mudder course at Holmbush Farm near Crawley (an hour and a half drive!)

Mudder check in was easy getting our numbers and dropping off our bags…then the fun started we headed off to get on our war paint and stick on tattoos! We looked great!

The whole place was buzzing and the staff who were volunteering were just as excited as the competitors, making everyone, even our most nervous team member, feel at ease with a really laid back atmosphere!

First we had to pledge allegiance to Tough Mudder:

Tough Mudder is not a race but a challenge

Teamwork and camaraderie is above course time

No whining, kids whine!

Help your fellow mudders

Overcome all fears

And then suddenly the challenge began with a crack of a gun and a whole load of orange smoke…we were off!

Although the running was difficult, the obstacles were the challenge - each one more challenging than the last…if only we had known that for the first one…Bale Bonds.

Next we moved on the Skid Marked, 2 sets of diagonal wooden walls, which required us to help each other over each one, with some of us being used as steps, it was all part of the teamwork we had pledged at the beginning.

Kiss of Mud was next, this was a very muddy obstacle…like an army assault course, with barbed wire and muddy pools, we were definitely toughing it in the mud!

Our fifth obstacle was called the Pyramid Scheme – team members lay on the steep slippery slope in a human pyramid shape so that other team members could climb onto shoulders and get to the top.Our sixth obstacle was a shock to all of our systems - we had run over 3 miles and were gasping for anything to cool us down... But what we didn't know was we wouldn't be cooled down we would be absolutely frozen!! This obstacle was called Arctic Enema, you were at the top of the slide which had a cage covering it, you
slide down the slide into water filled with ice and then once you've swam under the cage and gasped for air which was difficult as your body was so cold you then had to go under a wall of tyres under water to get out.

The Mud Mile was our eighth obstacle, which was great fun. This obstacle consisted of big hills of mud and then between each one was a pool of water that went as high as your hips. We had to help each other up the slippery mud and then we would end up slipping down the other side of the
hill into the water.

Sewer Rat was a tunnel that you had to shimmy through and when you got to the other side were met by water. We all helped each other out of the tunnels as otherwise you would be going head first
into the water.

Funky Monkey was the twelfth obstacle, which was a few of our team’s favourite. You had to use scaffolding to climb over water to get to the other side. Many of us fell straight in as we either had very slippery hands or just couldn’t get across.

Our thirteenth obstacle was Cage Crawl - we had to go under water with just our faces out the water and use the cage above us to get to the other side.

King of the Swingers, was a hard obstacle which only a couple of our team managed. You climbed up a ladder to a podium that you had to jump off and swing on a bar to hit the bell the other side and then fall into water and swim to the other side.

Our twentieth obstacle was Everest. This was a high curved wall that you had to run up and hope that someone was at the top to grab and help you up. By this point we had run 10 Miles and our legs were tired so to get the momentum to do this was hard.

The Final Obstacle was Electroshock Therapy. We knew it would be painful as people were falling to the ground with the power of the shocks. We all ran as a team through it and ran over the Finish Line together.

We were handed a cold cider, a Tough Mudder Tshirt and an Orange Headband to say we were finishers!

By this point we were all shells of ourselves, so once we’d showered and looked human again, Team Craftwood headed to the nearest food venue, immensely proud of our achievement and teamwork.

In total we raised £705 for Macmillan Cancer.

Go Team Craftwood!

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