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5 reasons why your café needs bespoke seating

Good coffee and cake can only take your café so far: the interiors play just as important a role in attracting customers to your business. With trendy cafés popping up in abundance across the UK, it’s essential to have the interiors of your café on point to compete with the growing selection.

Bespoke seating can take your café to the next level – here’s five reasons why your café needs it.

Elevate your café interiors

Designed especially for your premises, bespoke seating will be the stylish glue that brings your café’s interiors together. The furniture in your café determines the overall ambience. If you have plain, traditional table and chairs, your café will be failing to communicate its USP to customers.

Use bespoke seating to tell people wordlessly about your café's ethos. If your café is a high-end spot for brunch and rare coffee blends, you can opt for luxe materials like leather or suede in deep shades. If your café is a fun, trendy venue for young people, you can communicate this through bright coloured materials and warm wood hues.

Increase covers in your café

One of bespoke seating’s best perks is its capacity to seat more customers. Fixed seating with long benches, including banquettes and booths, allows for more people to be seated comfortably than traditional tables and chairs. This means that you can seat more customers at any one time with bespoke seating, thereby increasing your covers.

Make efficient use of space in your café

Bespoke seating doesn’t just look good – it also has functional uses for your café. Banquettes and booths can be used to make efficient use of space inside your venue. For example, you can direct traffic through the café - such as from the door to the counter to order, or from the seating area to the toilets.

You can also use bespoke seating to divide up your café in different sections. This might include separating seating areas from takeaway waiting areas, for example.

Bespoke seating is made-to-measure especially for your premises, so you can utilise every corner, nook and cranny of your café in a way you cannot with off-the-shelf furniture.

Endless seating design options for your café

Bespoke seating affords you an endless array of design options to suit any café design. Choose banquettes, benches or booths – or a mixture – to offer a range of seating options for all group sizes.

You can personalise every aspect of your seating, from material and woods to legs, arms and stitching. No two pieces of bespoke furniture are the same, so you’ll have a truly unique seating installation in your café.

Whatever the interior design of your café, you can craft bespoke seating to complete it.

Showcase your café's sustainable values

The myriad of options for your seating installation includes sustainable materials. If your café has a sustainable ethos, demonstrate your commitment to environment down to the furniture you choose. Sustainable options include locally sourced wood from fast-growing, FSC-approved forests and materials made from recycled plastic.

Choosing a high-quality, well-made seating installation will last you for years to come – even if you reupholster it for a café refresh in the future – so it’s longevity also makes it a sustainable choice.

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