Plain back seating can be used in any venue. It's essentially a blank canvas that you can cover as you see fit.
If you're putting this type of seating in a rustic environment, then distressed leather will produce the desired effect; if you're putting this in a spa waiting area, then a crisp white fabric compliments this setting.
The design lends itself to easy maintenance.

Our Process

All the frame work is programmed by our Joinery Supervisor Stewart and sent to our CNC machine to be cut out. Our joinery department builds the robust frame.
Our preparation team applies foam to your frame, ensuring it meets the appropriate level of comfort.
The upholstery department then applies your chosen fabric or leather. It is carefully cut out in order for our skilled seamstress team to sew all the panels together expertly.
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Bespoke Features

Although the plain back is often left as it says in the title, plain, many people choose to have a stitch detail or a different colour stitch to the fabric or leather to personalise its appearance.

Create your own bespoke plain back seating

Speak with our team today to see how we can help you create your perfect seating solution.