10 Banquette Seating design ideas to transform your space

Banquette seating is a design innovation that effortlessly marries style with function, creating a dynamic seating design that has captured the hearts of interior designers and homeowners alike. 

What sets banquette seating apart is its ability to transform often overlooked spaces into cosy seating nooks, intimate dining areas, and aesthetically pleasing corners. Whether nestled under a sun-soaked window or seamlessly integrated into open-concept living areas, banquette seating becomes a canvas for creativity, inviting a multitude of design possibilities to flourish.

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Christmas dining area ideas: Transform your dining room with banquette seating

Getting your home ready for Christmas is an exciting and heartwarming time that brings joy and festive cheer into your living space. It's a time to embrace traditions, create new memories, and infuse your home with the magic of the holiday season

With the festive season just around the corner, it's the perfect time to start thinking about how to make your home warm, inviting, and ready for Christmas gatherings with friends and family. While decorating your living room and putting up a tree are important, don't forget about Christmas dining area decorations. 


Choosing the Perfect Upholstery Material for Your Banquette Seating

When it comes to banquette seating and banquette seating design, selecting the right upholstery material is a critical decision that can greatly impact the overall comfort, look, feel, and durability of your banquette seating arrangement.

Your choice of upholstery material not only defines the visual character of the banquette seating, it also plays a pivotal role in how it feels and performs over time. With many materials available, each with its unique attributes, making the right choice can seem overwhelming.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various upholstery materials, from fabric to leather and beyond, helping you navigate the factors that influence your decision and ensuring your banquette seating stands out both in style and function.

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Balancing Privacy and Interaction in Booth Seating Design

Booth seating, a versatile and increasingly popular interior design concept, redefines the way people experience communal spaces across diverse settings.

In this blog, we'll reveal the secrets behind creating environments that empower individuals to connect, collaborate, and cherish moments of seclusion through thoughtful, well-planned booth seating design.

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10 Restaurant Design Tips That Will Save You Money

Creating an appealing restaurant design doesn't have to come at a high cost. With a balanced approach and thoughtful decisions, you can save money without risking quality. 

The importance of restaurant design cannot be overstated. It’s an important part of creating a memorable dining experience for customers. Not only is a well-designed restaurant aesthetically pleasing, but it is also more comfortable for your clients. 

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Renew, Refresh, Reupholster: Revitalise Your Static Home and Caravan Interiors

Reupholstery is the process of renewing or restoring the upholstery of furniture, usually achieved by replacing the fabric or leather your furniture is covered with. The process is simple, involving the careful removal of any existing upholstery, then assessing the condition of the furniture frame, and finally making any necessary repairs or structural adjustments. 
Then, once the frame is prepared, new material is selected and cut to fit the furniture's shape and components. At Craftwood, our skilled upholsterers will then sew and attach the fabric to the frame, ensuring a snug and precise fit. Sometimes though it’s a good idea to add additional padding or cushioning for extra comfort. 

Upcycling Furniture: Sofas, Footstalls, Ottomans, and Headboards

Upcycling furniture is a creative and eco-friendly approach to transforming old furniture into something new and unique. Unlike recycling, which breaks down materials to create new products, upcycling involves repurposing existing furniture items, giving them a new lease on life. 

Breathing new life into tired or outdated pieces reduces waste, extends the lifespan of furniture, and contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle. It also allows us to express our individual styles and showcase our creativity.

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7 Key Elements of Successful Restaurant Interior Design

In the competitive restaurant industry, creating a memorable dining experience is crucial for attracting and retaining customers. While delicious food and excellent service are obviously the top priority, the impact of a well-designed interior should not be underestimated. 


Banquette Seating: Creative Storage Solutions for the Home

Banquette seating offers a versatile and stylish option for adding seating and comfort to your home. However, with limited space, it's essential to optimise your banquette seating area to provide ample storage for your belongings. 

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some creative ways to organise your banquette seating storage, considering both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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When Should You Replace Your Banquette Seating?

Banquette seating is a key element in the success of any restaurant, contributing to the comfort and satisfaction of customers, and enhancing the brand image and revenue potential of the business.
However, like any other piece of furniture, banquette seating can become worn or outdated over time. Knowing when to replace or update your banquette seating can help keep your restaurant or dining space looking fresh and inviting.
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Most popular seating types for restaurants

There are several factors to consider when choosing seating for your restaurant. Will your customers be comfortable? Is there room for staff to move around easily? Would you prefer fixed or free standing seating? Are you maximising your space efficiently?

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What’s the difference between banquette, booth and bench seating?

When designing the interior of a pub, restaurant or hotel, it’s important to ensure you get the seating right. Beautiful and comfortable fixed seating impacts everything from the atmosphere of the room, to the experience of the customer.

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Top current trends for restaurant seating

In the same way that fashion trends come and go throughout the seasons, so do restaurant interiors. In recent years, we’ve seen a huge shift in the way restaurants design their spaces – with a lot more emphasis put on the way a venue looks, as well as just great customer service and top notch food.

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Our guide to banquette seating for your restaurant

Well-designed banquette seating has the ability to transform even the most lifeless restaurants into a luxurious dining experience. Available in all shapes and sizes depending on your needs, there’s a banquette for everyone.

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Update your home with fixed banquette seating

With more and more people working from home, cancelling holidays and staying inside to keep healthy this year – there’s never been a better time to transform your home into the comfortable and tranquil space you need it to be.

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The rise of fixed seating: why is it so popular in hospitality?

Whether you own a restaurant, work in a restaurant or just enjoy eating in restaurants – chances are you’ve used fixed seating before.
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It’s all in the detail: how to choose the right seating backs

One of the reasons fixed seating is such a popular choice in hospitality, commercial offices and even residential homes, is because of its versatility.

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Furnishing a care home with banquette seating

Choosing the right seating is one of the most important parts of furnishing a care home, but with more than just comfort and style to consider, it can be difficult to get right.

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Why you should consider bespoke banquette and booth seating for your kitchen

Banquette seating is flexible, comfortable and provides a relaxed feel to any space. While you may have experienced banquettes and booths out in restaurants or hotels, have you ever considered adding one to your own kitchen space?
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Banquette seating in hospitals and dental waiting areas

It’s so important to get the seating right in healthcare settings such as hospitals or dental waiting areas, because there’s a lot of sitting around to be done. Waiting for appointments, results, or consultations can take time and feel a little stressful, so you want your patients to be as comfortable as possible.

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Best fabrics to use for banquette seating

Banquette seating comes in such a wide range of colours, styles and fabrics – it can be difficult to know exactly what will be right for your needs. Banquettes and benches are a bit different to free-standing seating, and it’s important to get the fabric right to make sure it works effectively for your requirements.

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Student Accommodation with Fixed Banquette Seating

Over recent years, student accommodation has changed a lot. With the increase in student fees, higher costs of living, and more and more alternative options for students available – campus universities and colleges are having to adapt to the higher standards expected from them.

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Get cosy at Christmas with banquette seating

With Christmas just around the corner, you might be thinking about putting the tree up, lighting the candles and hanging some lights in the window.

We love to find ways to make our homes feel cosy at this time of year. Whether that’s with the Christmas decorations, an extra throw or two, or maybe even some new furniture.
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Make the most of your outdoor space with banquette seating

With government restrictions and COVID worries on everyone’s minds this year, people have been utilising the outdoors to spend time with their friends and family more than ever before.

If your pub, restaurant or café has an outside area, you might be wondering how you can maximise it to provide a safe and comfortable space for your customers to socialise during these difficult times.
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Why choose banquette seating for cruise ships

Banquette seating is becoming increasingly popular in the hospitality industry. Suited for any interior design scheme and perfect for enhancing guest experience, banquette seating gives a tailor-made touch of luxe to your cruise liner or yacht.

Banquettes come in all shapes and sizes with endless customisation options to suit every space on your ship. Built into the venue, banquette seating is ideal for venues on water as it remains in place in even the most choppy of seas.

Here’s why your cruise liner or yacht would benefit from banquette seating.

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How to add more covers to your restaurant with banquette seating

Banquette seating is a bespoke seating solution to optimise your floor restaurant space, complement your interiors and provide an intimate dining experience for guests. Handmade to order, banquette seating can be made in any style and any size to fulfil your unique design requirements.

Here, we discuss how banquette seating can maximise potential covers for your restaurant to give your business a boost.

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Sustainable Furniture: Banquette Seating

If you’re thinking of investing in banquette seating for your venue, you may be considering the environmental impact of its manufacturing. Many businesses are striving to become more sustainable – not only does this help to preserve the planet for future generations, but it also provides an attractive selling point for environmentally-minded customers.

Sustainable furniture follows a closed-loop cycle of recycling. It should be built to last, add zero waste to landfill and be versatile for recycling at the end of its life span.

Here’s how we manufacture sustainable banquette seating at Craftwood.

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Bespoke furniture for workplace staff rooms

Your workplace interiors can have a huge impact on the well-being and job satisfaction of your employees. With break areas, staff rooms and canteens often overlooked rooms in the office, implementing banquette, booth or bench seating is a simple way to maximise the space and make it work for you.

Stylish seating not only improves your office interiors but also creates an inspiring environment for staff. Here’s why you need bespoke seating in your workplace staff rooms.

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The Best Seating For Care Homes

Bespoke seating can create a calming, welcoming space for your residents. With a range of hardwearing, easy-to-clean materials to choose from, your care home can stand out from the rest with stylish and practical interiors that enhance your residents’ quality of life.

Here’s why bespoke seating would benefit your care home.

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Restaurant Seating Trends In 2022

Now the new year is here, many businesses will be planning a refurbishment for 2022. For restaurants, interiors are almost as important as food. People factor in the atmosphere, comfort and even the photo-worthiness of a venue when choosing where to eat, so impeccable interior design in restaurants is a must.

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Save Space At Home With Banquette Seating

Banquette seating is becoming increasingly popular for use in homes. Both stylish and space-saving, banquette seating allows you to maximise space without compromising on your interior design.

Here’s how banquette seating can help you save space in your home.

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A guide to seating for bars and nightclubs

Interior design is key to the success of bars and nightclubs. Seating is a core component of interiors, helping to set the tone of the venue and determine the social or exclusive nature of its atmosphere.

To help you choose the best seating for your venue, we’ve put together a guide to bespoke seating for bars and nightclubs.

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Finishing touches: Guide to capping, stitching, arms and legs

Finishing Bespoke seating is an investment, so it’s important to have every detail perfect. Here are some of the finishing touches to consider when designing your seating installations.

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Banquette seating is perfect for schools – here's why

Banquettes provide the perfect seating solution for schools. Whatever the shape, size and style of your school buildings, banquettes can maximise space and separate areas with style.

With so many personalisation options available, there’s a banquette for every school. From historical private school buildings to new-build academies, bespoke seating installations are both practical and chic, built to your specific requirements.

Here’s why banquette seating is ideal for schools and other educational environments.

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Platform vs. sprung seating – what’s the difference?

Here at Craftwood, we pride ourselves on being able to offer a huge range of customisable options for our bespoke seating projects. You can choose if you want banquette, booth or bench seating, what type of back you’d like, if you’d prefer for it to sit on legs or a plinth and choose how to finish it off with details like stitching or capping.

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5 reasons why your café needs bespoke seating

Good coffee and cake can only take your café so far: the interiors play just as important a role in attracting customers to your business. With trendy cafés popping up in abundance across the UK, it’s essential to have the interiors of your café on point to compete with the growing selection.

Bespoke seating can take your café to the next level – here’s five reasons why your café needs it.

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Boost productivity at work with collaborative seating

Collaborative seating is becoming more and more commonplace in workplaces, but what benefits does it offer businesses? Here, we explore how collaborative seating can boost productivity and maximise space in your premises.

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From design to installation: How is bespoke seating made?

If you’re thinking of investing in bespoke seating, you might be wondering what the manufacturing process involves.

Craftwood is a leading manufacturer of bespoke seating in the UK and across the world. Here, we explore Craftwood’s bespoke seating process from initial design to installation.

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How seating can create an exclusive dining environment

All restaurant owners know that the interiors are the key to creating atmosphere in venues. If you want to create an exclusive dining environment, your menu, staff and prices will only take you so far – the restaurant interiors need to feel exclusive, too.

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Save space at work with banquette seating

Is your workplace pressed for space? Banquette seating can help save space in your office whilst improving the overall ambience.

Here’s how you can save space at work with banquette seating.

Make The Most Of Your Space With Bespoke Residential Seating

How bespoke bench seating can transform your space

Not only does bench seating look great in any environment but it can also help to transform the atmosphere of a space. Whether you run a hospitality venue, work in a commercial space, or own a residential property, bespoke bench seating can help revamp your space and make it more functional for you.

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How to be more eco-friendly when considering bespoke seating

Today, it’s becoming more frequent for people to form an environmental conscience; often wanting to make decisions based on the impact they have on the planet. If you’re considering investing in bespoke seating, you might want to make sure it is being made in an environmentally friendly way.

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Pub seating: How banquette seating can elevate your interiors

If you’re looking for seating options for your pub, banquette seating is a fantastic place to start. This seating type takes the form of a long bench placed against, or built into, the wall and comes in a wide range of stunning finishes. happy to help.

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Guide to different types of wood for furniture

Furniture can be crafted using a whole range of wood options, and each one provides different tones and details that can complement the rest of your home. Here, we explore some of the different types of wood used for furniture to help you to decide which one is right for you.

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Bench seating: How can it save space?

Whether you’re looking to save space in your home or hospitality venue, we take a look at why bench seating could be the best option for you.

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How to get the perfect booth seating for your restaurant

Wondering how to get the perfect booth seating for your restaurant? Read on to find out why this seating type is such a great option and how to choose the right style for your venue.

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How banquette seating can transform your bar

If you’re considering transforming the look of your bar, banquette seating may be the answer. Providing your customers with comfortable and stylish seating will help extend their stay whilst they relax with a drink. Watch them sink stress-free into freshly installed bespoke banquette seating.

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Bespoke banquette seating for hotels: where can it be used?

If you’re looking for seating options for your hotel, bespoke banquette seating is a great choice. Banquette seats are built-in and are typically structured along or around a wall. They are ideal in big or small venues as they maximise space, allowing you to seat more people than traditional sets of tables and chairs.

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A guide to bespoke seating for private members clubs

Luxe is the appeal of private members clubs. For a successful private club with sought-after membership, your interiors need to reflect the first-class luxury your club embodies.


How much space is needed for banquette seating?

Banquette seating is continuing its dominance in the interior design of both hospitality venues and private homes. The myriad of design options and space-saving qualities make it popular with savvy homeowners and interior designers.

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Bespoke seating: Why it's all in the detail

When creating new bespoke seating, it’s important to consider the finer details to allow you to achieve the best possible results. At Craftwood our dedicated design team will assist you in every fine detail from capping and plinths to stitching and leg options, every single element is carefully considered.

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Bespoke banquette seating for sports arena VIP lounges

When curating any VIP area, it’s important to make the venue feels luxurious and unique to ensure your guests feel special. You must also make sure the practicality of your space is considered as it ultimately needs to provide comfort to your guests.

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Why you need banquette seating in your waiting room

Having a waiting room that is designed to be comfortable and welcoming is very important, as people will be much happier waiting if they can sit back and relax. Here, we take a look at why you need banquette seating in your waiting room and the different benefits that this seating type offers.

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5 top interior design trends for 2023

Each year brings new trends, and interior design is no different! Here, we share 5 top interior design trends for 2023 and how you can incorporate these into your home or commercial business space.


How to make the most of your space with bespoke residential seating

Imagine seating designed specifically for your home and your lifestyle, that not only fits perfectly into your space, but creates extra storage too. Bespoke residential seating is the clever, modern way to make the most of the space you have, and it has the potential to transform your home.

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Leather care: How to clean and maintain your leather seating

Quality leather seating adds a classic, luxurious look to any commercial space.

Cleaning and maintaining leather keeps it looking its very best, which is crucial for commercial spaces like bars, restaurants and hotels. However, periodic maintenance and TLC are essential no matter where your seats are installed, whether that be a care home, office block or educational institution.

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How to choose luxury restaurant furniture: 3 Things to look for

Choosing the right furniture for a luxury restaurant couldn’t be more important. Your seating area and the quality of the materials used can impact how relaxed, comfortable, and content your guests feel.

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Planning a Restaurant Renovation: What to Consider

Planning a restaurant renovation needs careful consideration. Every venue will have different needs depending on the desired vibe, clientele and overall atmosphere. Getting expert help to renovate a restaurant can boost your understanding of the potential of a space and what can be achieved with your budget.