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Craftwood Interiors Ltd are the leading specialist in the manufacture and installation of bespoke banquette seating, furniture and soft furnish solutions for the domestic, hospitality and corporate markets and are renowned for their high standards. Priding ourselves with decades of expertise, we can offer you excellent quality, design led furniture, upholstery and coverings with, current season fabrics and materials to fit with trends of the past and present, to create the perfect unique look for your home. Alternatively, Craftwood have a dedicated and inspirational team of designers who will, if required, visit your properties and work with you to help in building a bespoke design specific to your requirements with advice on style trends, fabrics and materials. Craftwood are pleased to offer this service as well as access to one designated project manager guiding you through the entire process, shaping your ideas and bringing them to life.

Craftwood are mindful of ensuring we have clear policies on environmental management. With growing public awareness of the environment and environmental issues and with customers specifically requesting certified timber, we now offer all available products originating from sustainable and correctly managed forests and sources.
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Kitchen banquette seating

Fixed banquette seating has become a popular choice with kitchen and home designers especially in open plan kitchens. It offers a comfortable and relaxed feel to any space and can offer excellent storage for those seasonal items that you use once a year or for large kitchen gadgets. Your custom-designed banquette or bench could suit a cosy corner or breakfast nook or you may be looking for a statement piece that is the kitchen focus. We have a range of fabrics and colours you can choose specifically to work with your kitchen.

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Dining booths and banquettes

Instead of eating out, why not bring the feel of a restaurant or hotel to your dining room? There are so many different styles of banquette backs to choose from including button back, plain backs, fluted back and roll backs and we can help you decide what best suits your dining area. You may also prefer more elegant finishing touches including fine stitching and turned legs to enhance a glamourous look. You can tailor the size and shape of your banquette to fit seamlessly into your dining room, creating a luxurious and modern style without compromising on comfort.

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Upcycling your furniture in your home

Upcycling furniture pieces such as sofas, footstools, ottomans, and headboards is a fantastic way to unleash your creativity, save money, and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. By evaluating the condition of your furniture, identifying necessary repairs, and considering the suitability of each piece, we can embark on a successful upcycling project. We will ensure we prep and clean the furniture thoroughly setting the stage for a seamless transformation, ensuring optimal results.

Our Process

From your Inspiration to Design
With your requirements Craftwood can create an estimate for your bespoke project, once all aspects of your seating is approved our design team can create plans, section and elevation drawings so you can see the detail and make any amendments before it goes into production.
Manufacture and Crafting
Our highly skilled production team will turn your vision into reality. Starting your project in our joinery department, where your timber under frame is built. Moving onto the next stage where your seating gets its comfort factor. Then lastly into our upholstery for it's finishing touches. Every stage of this process is hand crafted for optimum bespoke quality.
Quality Control, Delivery and Installation
Now your seating is built to your specification, it is subjected to our quality checks to ensure everything is perfect. The project is delivered and fitted at its requested location by our in house CSCS qualified installers. Craftwood's installation process is not complete without a full sign off from your site manager, for 100% satisfaction.

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