Harrison Nandos Portsmouth 9174 ID1 600X430[1]


When a continuous flow is required, capping is utilised to fill any gaps.
Shaun Rankin Ormer Jersey 8809 ID5 Edit 953X1024[1]

Settee - Style Box Arm

Seating design with enhanced privacy.
Fusion Nandos Bury St Edmunds 8626 ID3 Edit[1]

Solid Panel Arm

Used to finish an end to a run of seating, giving the seating a stylish and practical look.
Shaun Rankin Ormer Jersey 8809 ID19[1]

Turned Legs

Used on our seating for added detail.
Moreno Masey GBK Bromley 14 1120 ID4[1]


Used on fixed seating for a clean, sleek finish.

016 Craftwood 19.06.14[1]


Saddle, Blind, Top or Bespoke Stitching to meet your every requirement.

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