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Banquette Seating

Banquette seating is perfect for creating more covers within your venue. Usually, it takes the form of a long, upholstered seat that is placed against, or built into a wall.

Ideal for spaces big or small, the built-in banquette style is popular in restaurants for its space-saving properties, as it allows for minimal space to be used whilst providing a larger number of seats. Banquette seating makes the area seem less cluttered making it easier for your customers and staff to manoeuvre through the restaurant or bar at ease.

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Booth Seating

Booth Seating is perfect for creating an intimate dining experience in any venue. Another popular option for bars, pubs and restaurants is. Usually created by configuring one or more banquette seats into a horseshoe arrangement, or by putting banquettes back-to-back to create straight double sided booths, these types of seating arrangements form a sort of ‘room within a room’ for your guests.

This option creates an intimate ambience for customers with an added element of privacy – allowing them to enjoy the social setting of the venue whilst spending quality time with their friends in an enclosed seating environment.

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Bench Seating

Bench Seating is perfect for creating a movable option within your venue.

Bench seating comes in a few different forms, one being a single straight piece of seating, on legs and usually with arms, like you would envision in a park but upholstered beautifully by our inhouse team or it can be a straight seat on legs with no back, used frequently within a residential property or often seen in cafes and restaurants with a more relaxed vibe.

Looking for bespoke seating?

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