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Perfect for intimate dining in restaurants

Traditionally banquette seating is popular with large restaurant chains, pubs and clubs, maximising the potential for covers and providing many flexible options for design finishes. This type of furniture is fixed seating and has, in recent times, also become popular with residential clients wanting to make the best use of their domestic seating space. Craftwood has had a wealth of experience within the hospitality seating market and proudly still supplies to chains such as Big Mamma, Elan and the prestigious Ivy restaurant chain.

Ideal for spaces big or small, the built-in banquette is often structured along or around a wall, this enables all venues that install them to have more room, which often a set of tables and chairs does not allow. Perfect for intimate dining, banquettes come in all shapes and sizes depending on your requirements.

Banquette seating is a great solution for:

Banquette seating is also generally more comfortable for your customers or for fixed residential seating requirements than you would experience with more traditional seating solutions.

We have completed thousands of client projects with our banquette seating. If you are looking for inspiration, please view our featured galleries.

At Craftwood, we make our banquette seating bespoke to order, so whatever your requirements, we can work with you to create the optimal solution.

With our vast range of fabrics, leathers and stitching finishes, we can create a unique look to suit your environment.

From design to installation, we will transform your ideas into reality.

Our Process

From your Inspiration to Design
With your requirements Craftwood can create an estimate for your bespoke project, once all aspects of your seating is approved our design team can create plans, section and elevation drawings so you can see the detail and make any amendments before it goes into production.
Manufacture and Crafting
Our highly skilled production team will turn your vision into reality. Starting your project in our joinery department, where your timber under frame is built. Moving onto the next stage where your seating gets its comfort factor. Then lastly into our upholstery for it's finishing touches. Every stage of this process is hand crafted for optimum bespoke quality.
Quality Control, Delivery and Installation
Now your seating is built to your specification, it is subjected to our quality checks to ensure everything is perfect. The project is delivered and fitted at its requested location by our in house CSCS qualified installers. Craftwood's installation process is not complete without a full sign off from your site manager, for 100% satisfaction.

Bespoke Features

When it comes to our fabric and leather options, we have an A-Z in colour, texture and finish. We can source a vast array of fabric, leather and vinyl options to suit your every need.

Craftwood's dedicated design team will assist in every fine detail, from leg options, stitch details, colours, style and comfort factor. Irrespective of the size of the job, be it a well known restaurant or a private residence, Craftwood guarantee's to deliver the same high level of attention to detail and quality.

Looking for bespoke seating?

The possibilities are endless, contact our team to discuss a bespoke project.