A versatile style suiting both modern and traditional venues.
This style gives a really chic feel to any location.
It looks really beautiful in a traditional pub and can also look striking in a more modern setting such as a boutique hotel.
It's versatile because you can pick a different style of button-back depending on your venue.

Our Process

To create this look, our preparation team drill through the backboard and cover it in topper foam. They then drill the foam through to match the holes in the backboard.
The upholstery team then cover the seating in your desired leather or fabric, and buttons are made with your matching material in-house.
The preparation team pull the buttons through the material to create whichever design you have specified. It depends on the look you choose and how tightly the buttons are pulled.

Bespoke Features

The style you have specified can be achieved in different ways. If your venue has a more modern feel, float button back or squared stitched would be appropriate for you because it isn't as traditional, but if traditional is required, then a deep button or chesterfield is the style for you.

Create bespoke button back seating with us

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