Roll-back seating adds a level of sophistication to any setting.

Again you can customise this seating design by adding additional rolls as required.

We have used this effect in cafès, pubs, restaurants, hotels and even homes.

Our Process

All the frame work is programmed by our Joinery Supervisor Stewart and sent to our CNC machine to be cut out. Our joinery department builds the sturdy frame and individual 12mm panels for the roll backs.
To create the unique rollback effect, we have specially made D foam profile's which are adhered onto the individual 12mm board rather than the usual topper foam used.
The upholstery team cut out the templates in your chosen material that cover the individual rolls before adhering to the back frame.
IMG 0354[1]

Bespoke Features

We have had many clients use a colour combination on each roll to create a contrast.

The number and size of the rolls will be made to your specification.

Create unique roll back seating for your venue

Contact our team today, and we can help you create your bespoke seating.