A fluted back is an elegant effect that adds more depth to your seating.

We have used this in many restaurants and high-end hotels to give it a little extra detail.

There are many different types of fluted back depending on the style required and your budget.

Our design team can help you with any decisions you may need to make to ensure that you select the right style for you.

Our Process

All the frame work is programmed by our Joinery Supervisor Stewart and sent to our CNC machine to be cut out. Our joinery department builds the robust frame and send it over to our preparation team.
The preparation team cover the back in topper foam and cut even sections to create the fluted back look.
The upholstery team cut out individual panels in your chosen material for each flute and guide the fabric edges into the sections that were cut by our preparation team.
Stitch Fluted[1]

Bespoke Features

The design of the fluted back can be manufactured in multiple different ways. Examples are stitch-fluted back, full-fluted or pocket fluted.

Looking for something different?

The possibilities are endless. Contact our team to discuss a bespoke project.