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5 top interior design trends for 2023

Each year brings new trends, and interior design is no different! Here, we share 5 top interior design trends for 2023 and how you can incorporate these into your home or commercial business space.

1. Inspired by nature

Natural tones and materials have become more popular over the past few years, and this interior design trend looks to continue into 2023. From naturally beautiful wooden furniture to soft blue and green hues, there are plenty of ways to bring the outside into your own home or commercial space.

2. Moody, dramatic spaces

Almost on the other end of the interior design spectrum, moody and dramatic spaces are looking to be a sought-after choice in 2023. Think dark walls in purple, green, or even black, and an overall monochrome theme that is undeniably sleek and stylish. This trend is ideal for businesses that want to create a cool, atmospheric space, such as bars and nightclubs.

3. Fabulous art deco

In a blast from the past, art deco design from the 1920s is also set to be a top interior design trend for 2023. This decorative styling is perfect for those looking to add character and personality to their rooms, and you can choose to fully embrace the theme or simply add a few art deco touches around your home, restaurant, bar, or nightclub.

4. Cool curves

Curves and rounded edges make a space appear softer and more welcoming, and these shapes look to be overtaking hard lines and bold corners as we head into 2023. From curved seating that offers a cosy space for socialising to round hardware that can provide the perfect finishing touch, there are plenty of ways to add this trend to your home or business.

5. Energetic colour palettes

Inject some fun into your space with energetic colour palettes that refuse to be ignored. Whether you opt for bright walls and furniture or pops of colour in accessories and soft furnishings, it’s easy to find ways to add vibrant tones to your rooms. Wallpaper in particular is looking to rise in popularity in 2023, and there are just so many colours and designs to choose from!

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