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A guide to bespoke seating for private members clubs

Luxe is the appeal of private members clubs. For a successful private club with sought-after membership, your interiors need to reflect the first-class luxury your club embodies.

Every aspect of your interiors needs to be carefully selected to enhance the aura – and seating is no exception. Here’s a guide to bespoke seating for private members clubs.

What is bespoke seating?

Bespoke seating is to the furniture world what couture is to the fashion world. Whatever your interior design scheme and venue size, bespoke seating is tailor-made to be the perfect fit.

Your seating installations will be made-to-measure, especially for your venue.

Types of bespoke seating

There are a few different types of bespoke seating.

Banquette seating

Banquette is a type of fixed seating which is often fitted along walls to maximise space in venues. It can be used to create a friendly, open and collaborative space for people to sit – perfect for private clubs that want to facilitate socialising between members.

Booth seating

Booth seating is curved to create an intimate space for members to sit. Large booths can seat groups for social gatherings, and smaller booths can seat couples or smaller groups.

Bench seating

Bench seating often features two seating benches opposite one another. While traditionally functional, bench seating can also create a modern, social space for members to meet.

Benefits of bespoke seating for private members clubs

Bespoke seating brings a range of benefits for private members clubs. Firstly, it allows you to maximise the space in your club with furniture designed especially for the venue. Private members clubs are often housed in older buildings, so utilising every nook and cranny allows you to make the most of your historic venue.

Possibly the most significant benefit of bespoke seating is the freedom of design. However elaborate or out-of-the-box your interior design is, bespoke seating can complete your vision. There are an extensive range of fabrics, materials, colours and finishes to fulfil your design brief.

About Craftwood, the leading manufacturer of bespoke seating

Craftwood are the leading supplier of bespoke seating for venues across the UK, and we also work around the globe. We collaborate with interior designers to craft one-of-a-kind seating for exclusive venues, including clubs, bars, VIP lounges and members clubs.

If you’re remodelling the interiors of your private members club, contact us today to discuss your bespoke seating requirements.