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A guide to seating for bars and nightclubs

Interior design is key to the success of bars and nightclubs. Seating is a core component of interiors, helping to set the tone of the venue and determine the social or exclusive nature of its atmosphere.

To help you choose the best seating for your venue, we’ve put together a guide to bespoke seating for bars and nightclubs.

Types of seating for bars and nightclubs

There are several types of seating that are popular with evening venues.


Banquette is a type of fixed seating, designed and built specially to suit the size and shape of your venue. Banquettes are often used to maximise seating capacity in venues – they seat more people than traditional tables and chairs whilst fitting into every nook and curve of the venue. Depending upon the size of your banquettes, they can be used to create an intimate or social environment in your bar or nightclub.


Booth seating is ideal for exclusive venues that are seeking to create an intimate ambience. Booths provide a private seating space for groups or couples to allow them to socialise exclusively, without interruptions from other guests. Booths can also be used to make the most of awkward or small nooks in your building.


Perfect for social venues, bench seating can be straight or curved. Benches are built to your bespoke requirements, so can be large or small to accommodate various group sizes and quirks in your venue.


Poseur is a sophisticated, free-standing seating choice to accommodate poseur tables in bars and clubs. This type of seating is ideal for facilitating socialising because, whether standing or sitting, all guests are at eye level. Poseur seating is ideal for bar area seating as an accompaniment to fixed seating in a venue.

Bespoke design for every venue

Bespoke seating for nightclubs and bars is designed for each individual venue. Your site will be assessed and measured to ensure the optimum seating arrangements are chosen. For example, corner booth seating would suit private, cosy nooks while long, fixed banquette seating is perfect for creating an open plan set up.

Your bespoke seating will be designed to suit your interior design scheme with a vast range of materials, backs, stitching, legs and finishes to choose from.

Craftwood is a leading supplier and manufacturer of seating for bars, nightclubs and private members’ clubs in the UK and around the globe. Get in touch today to discuss bespoke seating for your evening venue.