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Banquette seating is perfect for schools – here's why

Banquettes provide the perfect seating solution for schools. Whatever the shape, size and style of your school buildings, banquettes can maximise space and separate areas with style.

With so many personalisation options available, there’s a banquette for every school. From historical private school buildings to new-build academies, bespoke seating installations are both practical and chic, built to your specific requirements.

Here’s why banquette seating is ideal for schools and other educational environments.

Bespoke seating for staff rooms

Your staff need a sanctuary to relax in during break times. Banquette seating is not only comfortable and stylish but also practical – its space saving qualities are making banquettes increasingly popular with educational institutions.

When fitted to the wall, banquettes can maximise every inch of your staff room to seat a growing team of teaching staff. Banquettes can also be used to create private seating areas, well-suited for team meetings and collaborative work environments.

Banquettes for school common rooms

Make your school common rooms modern and functional with a bespoke seating installation. Banquette seating can accommodate a large number of students without crowding the room with furniture.

Banquettes are tailor-made with endless design options. For schools with house common rooms, for example, you could opt for upholstery in the same shade as the house colours to make each common room unique.

Maximise space in school dining rooms

School dining rooms can become easily crowded. With banquette seating, less traditional tables and chairs – which are large space wasters – are required, so more pupils can be seated at any one time. A range of wipe-clean materials are available to choose from for your banquettes, making the after-lunch clean up easy.

Banquettes are also useful for guiding the flow of traffic through dining areas, therefore reducing the need for signage, queue-guiding infrastructure and even staff direction.

Divide up study areas

Having well-designed areas for study is essential to your students’ success. Divide up areas of the room with banquette seating, helping to allocate different areas for quiet study, silent study and group study. Smaller banquettes can be used to create distinct group collaboration pods.

Installing banquettes along the walls of study areas instantly creates a large supply of seating – perfect for ensuring there’s enough study space during busy exam periods. With so many design options, your banquette can integrate seamlessly with any modern and calming interiors in your school’s study space.

Craftwood are leading manufacturers of banquette seating in the UK and have worked with a number of educational institutions in the past. To discuss your school’s requirements, get in touch with the Craftwood team today.