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Bespoke banquette seating for hotels: where can it be used?

If you’re looking for seating options for your hotel, bespoke banquette seating is a great choice. Banquette seats are built-in and are typically structured along or around a wall. They are ideal in big or small venues as they maximise space, allowing you to seat more people than traditional sets of tables and chairs.

Here we discuss banquette seating and take a look at where it can be used in your hotel to help elevate your space.


It is crucial to make sure your reception area makes a good impression as it’s the first place your guests will go when they enter your hotel. When you opt for bespoke banquette seating, you can choose the colour, materials and shape for your seating, allowing you to create a fully branded experience for your guests.

Restaurant & Bar

If you have a restaurant or bar in your hotel, it’s very important to create the right atmosphere. Often hotels will only fill these spaces with tables and chairs and unwillingly create a very cramped and rigid atmosphere for their guests. Bespoke banquette seating allows you to construct an intimate dining experience, ensuring your guests feel invited and relaxed in your hotel.


Typically, hotel rooms need to be designed to fully maximise any available space. If you want to give your guests a comfortable place to sit in their room then banquette seating is an excellent space-saving option as it can be built to fit any space available.


Comfort is key when creating a lounge area in your hotel. Often guests will leave their hotel rooms to work or relax in a hotel lounge instead. Banquette seating is a great option if you need to create a comfortable space for your guests without compromising on style or functionality.

At Craftwood we make all our banquette seating bespoke to order, so whatever your requirements we can work with you to create the optimal solution for your hotel. Contact our team today to start transforming your ideas into a reality.