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Bespoke furniture for workplace staff rooms

Your workplace interiors can have a huge impact on the well-being and job satisfaction of your employees. With break areas, staff rooms and canteens often overlooked rooms in the office, implementing banquette, booth or bench seating is a simple way to maximise the space and make it work for you.

Stylish seating not only improves your office interiors but also creates an inspiring environment for staff. Here’s why you need bespoke seating in your workplace staff rooms.

Maximise space in your workplace with bespoke seating

Banquette, booth and bench seating will be designed for your specific space. Tailored to the size and contours of your workplace, these types of seating will maximise every corner of your staff room to create the illusion of a larger space.

Also, banquette, booth and bench seating provide more places to sit than traditional table and chairs. This means that more of your staff can be seated comfortably with less furniture in the room. A design team will produce detailed plans of your space, including section and elevation drawings, to ensure that the concepts are perfect before manufacturing begins.

What’s the difference between banquette, booth and bench seating?

Banquette seating most often takes the form of a long, upholstered bench. These can be positioned against or built into the wall to maximise space in your workplace.

Booths are typically round or horseshoe-shaped, creating a secluded socialising space that neatly divides up a room. A table is often added in the middle to allow for a private dining experience.

Bench seating usually takes the form of two benches opposite each other with a table in between.

Endless seating options for your staff rooms

There are endless design options for your bespoke staff room seating. Whatever the design and purpose of your room, banquette, booth or bench seating will complete the space. Choose from a range of materials – including sustainable options – to compliment your workplace’s interior design.

Don’t want your staff to linger in the break room? Opt for plain back, hardwood bench seating. Need a luxurious and stylish seating solution to attract top-end talent and impress visiting clients? Plump for a button-back banquette in plush leather.

With a myriad of fabrics, woods, padding depths and finishes to choose from, the seating options are endless.

Craftwood is a leading manufacturer of banquette, bench and booth seating for venues around the UK and internationally, too. To discuss your workplace seating requirements with a member of the team, get in touch today.