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Bespoke seating: Why it's all in the detail

When creating new bespoke seating, it’s important to consider the finer details to allow you to achieve the best possible results. At Craftwood our dedicated design team will assist you in every fine detail from capping and plinths to stitching and leg options, every single element is carefully considered.

Here we discuss some of the most popular design details that can help elevate your seating to the next level.


Capping is often used with banquette seating and is normally fitted to help fill any gaps that could exist between a wall and the seating backs. It can also be used to connect individual seat backs to create the appearance of one seat, helping to bring a continuous flow to the space.

Capping can often be fitted in a variety of different textures and fabrics to help match the rest of your venue to create a cohesive design.


Often a detail you might forget, legs can make a big difference to the overall look of your bespoke seating. Whether you’re after a more traditional or a modern innovative design, the legs can be used as a stylish design feature on either freestanding or fixed seats to help elevate your seating to the next level. There is often a range of different materials you can choose from depending on your desired look.


Plinths are used to enclose fixed seating to the floor and help keep the area between the floor and the seat base tidy.

Despite their practicality, plinths can also become a design feature in your space. Often used to either contrast or mirror the material on your floor or seating fabrics. Plinths are most commonly used in restaurants, bars and pubs as they provide a great solution in commercial spaces with a lot of footfall.


Stitching is a small detail that can drastically change the entire look of your seating. It can be used on both fabric or leather and the thread can often be colour matched to the rest of the material or contrasted for a bolder look.

There are different types of stitches that can be used depending on your required look. Some of the most popular ones include:

• Top Stich
• Bespoke Stitching
• Saddle Stich
• Blind Seam

If you want to make your seating stand out from the crowd and create something truly bespoke, then contact the Craftwood team today.