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Boost productivity at work with collaborative seating

Collaborative seating is becoming more and more commonplace in workplaces, but what benefits does it offer businesses? Here, we explore how collaborative seating can boost productivity and maximise space in your premises.

What is collaborative seating?

Collaborative seating offers a space for workers to come together and discuss ideas, facilitating camaraderie and teamwork. Unlike traditional work desks, cubicles and boardrooms, collaborative seating takes the form of banquette seating, booths and benches to enable easy communication in a comfortable environment.

How does collaborative seating boost productivity?

Instead of communicating over email, speaking on the phone and booking meeting rooms, collaborative seating offers a quick, easy alternative for workers to gather and share ideas. The casual and comfortable nature of collaborative seating puts workers at ease, breaking down barriers of corporate formality and encouraging all to contribute.

Staff can huddle face-to-face – making work much quicker than with disjointed emails, messages and Zoom calls.

Providing alternative workspaces gives staff the opportunity to get away from their desks. This change of scenery can be a mid-workday boost to keep employees motivated and working to their maximum efficiency.

Efficient use of space in your office

Collaborative seating also has practical benefits for your business. Banquettes, booths and benches can seat more people than traditional meeting tables with individual chairs, so you can fit more employees comfortably in one space.

This style of seating can also be used to divide up space without using walls, dividers or other space-wasting installations. At Craftwood, all seating is completely bespoke and made-to-measure, so it will be designed especially to make the most of your space.

Collaborative seating is multifunctional

As well as providing a space for informal team meetings, brainstorming sessions and private discussions, collaborative seating is suited to a range of other functions.

It serves as ideal break seating where employees can enjoy sociable lunch and tea breaks away from their desks. This not only boosts productivity by allowing your staff to fully recharge without the distractions of their computer, but also encourages staff to get to know one another better and form real friendships beyond work.

Client meetings and job interviews can be held with collaborative seating, too. If you want to give potential clients or employees a real feel for your business, sitting amongst employees working collaboratively will showcase the modern and forward-thinking nature of your business, plus how sociable and connected your team are. It can also put your guests more at ease with comfortable, open surroundings, rather than being shut away in an office or boardroom.

At Craftwood, we make bespoke collaborative seating for businesses all over the UK – and across the world. There are endless design options to choose from, with a vast range of fabrics, materials, finishes and styles available. To discuss your workplace’s collaborative seating requirements, contact the Craftwood team today.