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Finishing touches: Guide to capping, stitching, arms and legs

Finishing Bespoke seating is an investment, so it’s important to have every detail perfect. Here are some of the finishing touches to consider when designing your seating installations.


Capping is a finishing touch that can be used to join together multiple seating arrangements or close gaps between seating and the wall. Capping gives a cohesive look to bespoke seating in a venue, ensuring there are no gaps and making the seating look like one installation.

With many personalisation options, capping can be tailored to match any interior design scheme. Choose your wood type and opt for staining to match other aspects of your interior, such as seating plinths or backs. You can also have upholstered capping in a vast range of colours and materials.

At Craftwood, capping is designed especially for your premises. Capping is made to size and fitted by our expert installation team.


Stitching can transform seating, giving even the plainest of seating backs a chic final flourish. Some of the most popular types of stitching include:

  • Top stitch – A neat line of stitching that runs parallel to the seam, available in a whole range of shades.
  • Saddle stitch – Two lines of stitching, one either side of the seam.
  • Blind seam – No line of thread is visible for a clean, polished look.
  • Bespoke stitching – A bespoke stitching design, such as a stitching pattern unique to your premises.


Arms and legs

Arms are perfect to finish off your bespoke seating installation. Matched perfectly to your seating design, arms stylishly indicate the end of a run of seating whilst giving an air of privacy. The two solid wooden panels also bolster the seating’s strength. There are endless options to make you venue’s arms truly unique.

Legs are suitable for freestanding or fixed seating. Available in a wide range of styles and staining colours, legs can be used to finalise any interior design scheme.

Craftwood is a leading bespoke seating manufacturer, based in the UK. Get in touch with us today to discuss your commercial or residential seating requirements.