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Guide to different types of wood for furniture

Furniture can be crafted using a whole range of wood options, and each one provides different tones and details that can complement the rest of your home. Here, we explore some of the different types of wood used for furniture to help you to decide which one is right for you.


Oak is a great choice for furniture as its strong and hard-wearing, meaning that it will continue to look fantastic for many years. One of the main reasons that people like oak is its stunning grain. This grain means that all oak pieces are unique and no two pieces of oak furniture will ever look the same. Oak also boasts good water resistance which means that it’s easy to maintain if spills are wiped up quickly, it’s also less likely to warp when sat in sunlight than other wood types.


Beech is a flexible yet durable option which makes it ideal for furniture. It’s non-porous which gives it a high density and ensures that it’s very strong - protecting against unwanted scratches and chips. Beechwood has a fine, straight grain that gives it a consistent and attractive look, and it’s very easy to look after due to its strength and durability. Naturally, beech is light in tone but it can be easily treated with many finishes depending on the look you’re hoping for.


Like oak and beech, pine is a very durable option (despite being a softwood) which makes it perfect for crafting furniture. It’s light in colour but there are several different creams, yellows and white tones available, so you can choose pieces that best suit your tastes and will complement your decor. Pine features attractive knots which provide extra character, and items look lovely when left natural or finished with a coat of varnish.

Wood Veneer

If budget is a critical factor in your project and you still want to achieve a wood finish, then a wooden veneer might be the way to go. Because only the outer layer of veneer furniture is made from wood, choosing veneer furniture helps to preserve natural resources. This makes it a great choice if you are also environmentally conscious but still want a natural wood finish to your furniture.

Now that you know about some of the different types of wood used for furniture, you can decide which option best suits your home.  Contact us at Craftwood today to discuss your bespoke seating requirements, our team are happy to offer advice and share their expertise!