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How banquette seating can transform your bar

If you’re considering transforming the look of your bar, banquette seating may be the answer. Providing your customers with comfortable and stylish seating will help extend their stay whilst they relax with a drink. Watch them sink stress-free into freshly installed bespoke banquette seating.

Here we explore how this transformation can be achieved.

Maximising space in your bar

The more tables, the more revenue. Banquette seating works wonders for maximising the space available in your bar. This allows you to utilise your bars floorplan better, making way for more tables for your customers to relax at. With banquette seating making good use of available seating and table space it makes sense to install bespoke furniture to fill it.

Making life easier in your bar

Have you noticed your bar staff squeezing between tables to serve food and drink? This can have a negative effect on both your staff and customers' user experience inside your bar. Banquette seating layouts benefit your venue from a reduction of traffic minimising the need for people to awkwardly navigate your venue in-and-around tables and chairs.

Aesthetics that reflect your brand voice

From high-end to themed bars, bespoke banquette seating designed with your space in mind will enhance the user experience. In a post-covid landscape, venues are having to become experiential to draw customers away from the home. When you opt for bespoke banquette seating you can choose your own fabric and design elements, filling your space with seating that really shouts about who you are. This creates an immersive experience for those wishing to enjoy a much-deserved drink.

Seating experience like non-other

No one likes being uncomfortable when they’re out for a drink. Banquette seating provides an intimate seating environment for groups to unwind together without the worry of distractions from nearby tables. Bespoke banquette seating from Craftwood Interiors always delivers on comfort with our vast choice of fabrics and stitching finishes for your customers to unwind on.

Craftwood Interiors provide high-end bespoke seating for respected bars and restaurants. If you want to raise the bar Get in touch today to discuss your banquette seating requirements with a member of the team.