Make The Most Of Your Space With Bespoke Residential Seating

How bespoke bench seating can transform your space

Not only does bench seating look great in any environment but it can also help to transform the atmosphere of a space. Whether you run a hospitality venue, work in a commercial space, or own a residential property, bespoke bench seating can help revamp your space and make it more functional for you.

Changes the atmosphere

Bench seating is a great way to change the atmosphere of your venue. It can encourage a more casual and social experience and at the same time also make your space feel more exclusive and private.

Bench seating allows for a more social environment, as it creates spaces for larger groups of people to sit together. If you work in hospitality, you are probably used to the difficulty of sitting large bookings. A bespoke wall bench seat can often be a great solution, as it can fit a larger group in one space, allowing them to have an exclusive space away from other customers.

Privacy is often very important to customers and sometimes be the decider in attracting repeat visits. Bespoke bench seating can help to add this layer of privacy into any space, bringing more of an exclusive atmosphere to your venue.

Build a cohesive space

Having your furniture made bespoke, will allow you to fully customise any piece to match your current décor and style. Choosing from a vast range of fabrics, leathers and colours to find an option that suits your needs and fits within the space.

If you run a hospitality venue or work in a commercial space, having bespoke bench seating will help to create a cohesive space; matching your brand by representing who you are. Having a matching, on-brand venue is crucial, as it allows for a better immersive brand experience, helping visitors understand what your brand represents and stands for.

Save space

Bespoke bench seating is also a great way to save space within a venue, as it allows you to seat more people in one area. Not only do benches offer more seats, but they can also act as a secret storage space. Large storage spaces are often difficult to find, particularly in hospitality venues. A great solution to this is to ask for your bench seats to have lift-up lids with compartments that allow you to hide things, without anyone knowing.

At Craftwood, we offer bespoke bench seating options for all different types of venues. We can help transform your venue into somewhere people can take in the ambience and enjoy a more relaxed setting. To find out more about our bespoke seating options, visit our bench seating options here.