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How seating can create an exclusive dining environment

All restaurant owners know that the interiors are the key to creating atmosphere in venues. If you want to create an exclusive dining environment, your menu, staff and prices will only take you so far – the restaurant interiors need to feel exclusive, too.

To create an intimate and high-end dining experience for your customers, your seating needs to fit the bill. Here’s how seating can create an exclusive dining environment, and why bespoke seating is essential for a high-end feel in your venue.

Banquette, booth and bench seating for intimate dining

Banquette, booth and bench seating are must-haves to create a comfortable, intimate dining experience for your guests. While traditional tables and chairs have their place, a combination of both will elevate your interiors dramatically.

Curved banquette seating creates private dining spaces for groups of all sizes. Banquette booths, for example, are perfect for providing an exclusive air where groups and couples can socialise. The nature of the seating separates groups of diners whilst providing more seating than traditional tables and chairs. If your menu features sharing plates, this sociable dining format is perfect to facilitate sharing.

Enhanced comfort and clever spacing

With bespoke seating, you can choose exactly what you want your seating to feel like, as well as look like. If you want to encourage customers to stay in your restaurant for a longer period, opt for additional cushioning to make your seating more comfortable. If a quicker turnover of guests suits your business better, choose firmer seating that is comfortable for shorter periods.

Enhance the exclusive feel in your venue by using seating to separate different sections. For example, you can separate general dining from event spaces, or eating areas from drinking only areas. Bespoke seating offers an array of clever and space-saving separation options, so you don’t need clunky dividers.

Bespoke seating design

Nothing says exclusive like bespoke design. Our seating is all made to measure, and with a vast range of fabrics, leathers, vinyl and stitching finishes to choose from, no two projects are the same. Bespoke seating also makes the most of your restaurant space as it is built especially for your premises. If you have a quirky building with unusual corners and nooks, bespoke seating is perfect to make the most of these.

At Craftwood, we have a vast catalogue of colour, texture and finishes, not to mention legs, arms, stitch details, styles and comfort factors. All our designs are produced to the highest standard, which is why some of the biggest names in hospitality have trusted us with their bespoke seating.

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