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How to add more covers to your restaurant with banquette seating

Banquette seating is a bespoke seating solution to optimise your floor restaurant space, complement your interiors and provide an intimate dining experience for guests. Handmade to order, banquette seating can be made in any style and any size to fulfil your unique design requirements.

Here, we discuss how banquette seating can maximise potential covers for your restaurant to give your business a boost.

Make better use of your restaurant space

Optimise your restaurant’s floor space with banquette seating designed especially for your venue. With a multitude of shape and size options available, banquettes are handcrafted to perfectly fit into your desired space, so you can seat guests comfortably in every nook and cranny of your restaurant.

Banquette seating is often fitted along walls to save space, and can also be used as a stylish and functional divider to separate groups of guests or areas of your venue without losing seating.

Seat more people in your restaurant

Banquette seating also allows you to seat large groups of people whilst taking up less space than traditional tables and chairs. Large groups can be easily separated from quieter diners, the need to move furniture around to accommodate big parties is removed, and round banquette solutions allow all group members to face one another.

Whilst saving you valuable floor space, banquettes also enhance guest experience by creating an intimate and private dining experience. With seating solutions available in all sizes, you can create an exclusive environment for all guests – from couples to large work functions – whilst maximising space in the restaurant.

Attract more customers with flawless interior design

Your food and drink are only part of the attraction for guests when choosing a restaurant – the interiors and general ambience are becoming an increasingly important factor. Banquette seating is the perfect solution to complement any décor, however ambitious.

The options for your banquette are endless: from the colour, texture, pattern and sustainability of the material through to the finishing stitch, caps and legs, your seating is completely customisable and will be unique to your restaurant.

The feeling of luxe exclusivity that banquette seating provides will encourage your customers to return time and time again.

Craftwood is a leading banquette seating manufacturer for hospitality venues across the UK and around the globe. To discuss banquette seating for your restaurant, get in touch with our team today.