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How to choose luxury restaurant furniture: 3 Things to look for

Choosing the right furniture for a luxury restaurant couldn’t be more important. Your seating area and the quality of the materials used can impact how relaxed, comfortable, and content your guests feel.

Without a carefully planned layout and the right type of furniture to meet your needs, diners can feel stressed, crowded, and unhappy to visit again. Getting your seating right depends on three main things: the quality of the fabric, the uniqueness of the design, and how experienced your fitters are.

Keep reading to learn more about the three most important things to look for when choosing a bespoke luxury furniture company for your restaurant renovation.

High-quality fabric samples

Fabric quality is important when choosing luxury furniture for your restaurant. Comfort and style are the two things that make or break a seating area. Before purchasing your furniture, ask to see samples of the fabric. Most bespoke seating specialists will be happy to provide samples free of charge to ensure you’re getting the quality material you want for your restaurant.

Bespoke services

When designing a luxury restaurant, you want the interior to stand out from the crowd. Standard furniture won’t always maximise space. Plus, a poor layout can impact the overall vibe of a restaurant, from the way tables are served to the feel of the space when people enter and exit. When choosing furniture for a luxury restaurant, consider whether bespoke, made-to-measure seating is best for you.

Fitter experience

Finally, one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing luxury restaurant furniture is how experienced the fitters are. Investing in made-to-measure seating needs to be done properly by a professional team. Before purchasing bespoke seating, look for a company with several years of experience in luxury dining furniture and good reviews from previous customers.

Work with an expert

Are you looking for something different and bespoke for your restaurant furniture? At Craftwood, we are the market-leading specialists in the design, build and fitting of luxury furniture. From the discovery phase to fit-and-install, our skilled team can make your renovation project as efficient as possible.

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