How to make the most of your space with bespoke residential seating

Imagine seating designed specifically for your home and your lifestyle, that not only fits perfectly into your space, but creates extra storage too. Bespoke residential seating is the clever, modern way to make the most of the space you have, and it has the potential to transform your home.

Save space with banquette seating

Bespoke residential seating is a great way to maximise space, especially in your kitchen or dining area. Awkward dining chairs take up a lot of room, and easily get in the way when you’re working with a smaller space. In contrast, a compact banquette, bench or booth arrangement achieves more seating while taking up less room, making it the obvious choice if you’re hoping to maximise space efficiency within your home.

Flexibility for any room

Maybe you’ve been trying to cram conventional dining furniture into a tight nook. Or perhaps the unusual shape of your room means it feels chaotic and dysfunctional, no matter how many times you switch up the layout. Made-to-measure banquette, booth or bench seating is created to fit your room, and your needs, and we can advise on exactly which options will best suit your space.

Added storage – with no extra bulk

Everyone needs extra storage, especially in the kitchen. With bespoke seating, useful storage can be built into the structure, helping you save space elsewhere. You might use it for items you only need occasionally, such as larger appliances that would otherwise fill up the kitchen counter, or more everyday utensils, freeing up cupboard or shelf space elsewhere. Either way, the result is effortless decluttering and a calmer, more efficient kitchen/dining space.

An easy zoning solution

Fixed seating provides an easy way to “zone” an open-plan space. Zoning helps to define each area’s individual purpose, for example, cooking, eating or working, while retaining the benefits of the spacious, open layouts that have surged in popularity. Bespoke residential seating helps to divide a room visually and, depending on the design, can offer an element of privacy, striking an ideal balance in the home.

Extend your style

Make the most of your space by giving careful consideration to everything you place within in. Your dining table and seating are some of the most impactful pieces of furniture in the home – so why settle for the same as next door? Bespoke seating is an opportunity to add a stylish, personal touch to a functional part of the house, with a range of fabric, colour and even stitching options for a result that truly reflects you.

Create your unique atmosphere

The kitchen and dining areas are the hub of a home, and the atmosphere generated is a reflection of you, so make the most of it. Banquette seating provides chic, restaurant vibes that will instantly elevate your space. Meanwhile a booth creates a sense of exclusivity, while a bench makes for a relaxed and highly social environment. Which will you choose?

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