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Most popular seating types for restaurants

There are several factors to consider when choosing seating for your restaurant. Will your customers be comfortable? Is there room for staff to move around easily? Would you prefer fixed or free standing seating? Are you maximising your space efficiently?

With so many options available and so much to think about, it can all feel a little overwhelming. We’ve outlined some of the most popular seating types for restaurants, and why they might be the right choice for your business.

Booth seating

Booths are a popular choice in many restaurants for a variety of reasons. They can be beautifully upholstered in a range of fabrics and styles, making them a stunning addition to your space.

Booth seating also creates an intimate setting for your guests, allowing them a sense of privacy while they indulge in a nice meal or a few drinks. Some establishments choose to place booths back-to-back, so customers can still enjoy the social aspect of the venue but in a more peaceful setting.

Booths are generally a bit more comfortable than regular chairs as well, and they help to provide a cosy ambiance to your restaurant. Your customers will feel right at home!

Loose seating

Dining chairs and bar stools are another common option in the restaurant industry. With a wide variety of styles, colours, shapes and sizes available – loose seating is a good choice if you’re looking for a little more flexibility.

Unlike fixed seating, individual chairs and stools can be moved around with ease. If you’re hoping to move your furniture around often, and your space requires this ability – then you may want to keep this in mind.

Many restaurants also choose to pair dining chairs with a row of banquette seating, helping to create more space for guests.

Bench seating

Restaurants with a more relaxed vibe tend to opt for bench seating. Benches can be arranged to encourage a more social environment, making it perfect for a lot of casual venues.

With the right fabric and styling of the benches, you can create a signature look which is ideal for themed restaurants. They lend themselves particularly well to American diner styles – think red faux leather upholstery, black and white tiled floors and milkshakes with cherries on top.

Poseur seating

Finally, we have poseur seating. This is particularly popular in high end restaurants with luxurious bar areas.

The poseur seating sits slightly higher than the other options, which creates another dynamic to your venue. Perfectly accompanied with a bar stool or two, the poseur seating is ideal for customers looking to enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail.

A sophisticated and social addition to your restaurant, poseur seating will ensure everyone at the table is at eye-level, whether they’re standing or seated.

So there you have a few of the most popular seating types for restaurants. At Craftwood, we construct both fixed and free standing seating for businesses just like yours. Click here for more information about our bespoke furniture.