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Planning a Restaurant Renovation: What to Consider

Planning a restaurant renovation needs careful consideration. Every venue will have different needs depending on the desired vibe, clientele and overall atmosphere. Getting expert help to renovate a restaurant can boost your understanding of the potential of a space and what can be achieved with your budget.

But, before seeking professional help, here are the three main things to consider when planning a restaurant renovation.

What customers are saying

Firstly, one of the most important things you can do before renovating a restaurant is to understand what your customers think.

Independent reviews provide great insight into how people perceive your restaurant. The opinions of visitors could be entirely different to your own perceptions, which can drastically change how you renovate the site.

To gain the opinions of visitors:

  • Read online reviews
  • Ask for customer feedback (via email campaigns or suggestion boxes)
  • Speak to guests, regulars and waiting staff


Take note of specific complaints (e.g., uncomfortable seating or poor lighting) as well as general feedback about the venue (e.g., what the overall vibe is like).

How your layout suits goals

One of the most important parts of a restaurant is its layout. Logistics should not be underestimated, as it can determine the clientele you cater to.

Before renovating a restaurant, analyse the existing space and whether it meets the goals you have for your restaurant. For example, consider aspects like:

  • Are the pathways to restrooms clear?
  • How do people enter and exit the space? Does it disrupt guests currently?
  • How are seating areas zoned? Are they intimate to cater for tables of two? Do they comfortably suit larger dinner parties?
  • Do takeaway customers disrupt diners when collecting food? How can these be zoned to not disrupt the dinner vibe?
  • How easily are tables served by waiting staff?


Don’t forget to ask waiting staff their opinions on the layout and how well-suited it is to meet the goals of the restaurant. As frequent users of the space, they’ll likely have a greater insight into how efficiently it works and what customers think.

How comfortable seating areas are

Everyone who dines in your restaurant will be seated, so the seating area needs to be comfortable and well-suited to meet the needs of the space.

Consider elements like:

  • Are seats comfortable?
  • Who do seating areas cater to? Tables of two, families or larger parties?
  • Do seating areas maximise space or is it wasted through rigid structures?


Bespoke seating can maximise available space and ensure areas are well suited to the clientele. It can also ensure your venue runs efficiently, from the way tables are served to how people enter and exit your restaurant.

Learn more about how bespoke seating can benefit your restaurant.

Renovating a restaurant requires planning, commitment, and a passion to get the vibe right. Never underestimate the power of speaking to customers and staff to understand the inner workings of your restaurant currently.

Reviewing the site yourself is the best way to understand your future goals, but the opinion of a professional can significantly help. At Craftwood, we specialise in creating luxury bespoke seating for restaurants like yours.

Get in touch today for a chat about your goals and how we can help bring new life into your dining areas.