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Platform vs. sprung seating – what’s the difference?

Here at Craftwood, we pride ourselves on being able to offer a huge range of customisable options for our bespoke seating projects. You can choose if you want banquette, booth or bench seating, what type of back you’d like, if you’d prefer for it to sit on legs or a plinth and choose how to finish it off with details like stitching or capping.

One question we do get asked a lot is what the difference is between the seating base options. Here’s a quick guide to our two most popular seating options: platform seating and sprung seating.

Platform seating

Platform seating is where we take the seating frame and lay 12mm MDF Board on the seating area, then sit a layer of 25mm Chip Foam on top of that and then before covering the seat base and back with topper foam. We then finish by covering with the chosen fabric or leather, adding legs or a plinth and adding any other bespoke final touches.

This kind of seating is great for locations that will experience heavy footfall, like restaurants and bars. It’s a popular choice for seating design as it is a durable seating solution and can typically take more wear and tear, which means less maintenance in its lifetime.

Platform seating can offer a beautifully finished product with sufficient comfort at a more affordable price, which can make it ideal for cafes, bars, restaurants and your home.

Sprung seating

Sprung seating is made by taking the seating frame and, at the seat base area, adding Zig-Zag springs that run from the front to the back of the seat base. These are placed all along the length of the seating frame. For added comfort, we cover the springs in 25mm Chip Foam and then cover the seat base and back in topper foam. This is then covered in the selected fabric or leather to finish, either legs or a plinth and any other of our bespoke final details.

This type of seating is considered more luxurious due to it being far more comfortable. It’s often used in high end restaurants and bars as is regarded as being a better choice for guests that will be seating for a longer period of time.

Which is the best option for your project?

Platform-based and sprung-based seating options look almost identical once they are covered and we offer a huge range of bespoke options on both. The main deciding factors will be what levels of comfort you are looking to achieve, how long they will be sat on for, and of course budgets. Platform seating can provide a great-looking but more affordable seating option.

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