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Pub seating: How banquette seating can elevate your interiors

If you’re looking for seating options for your pub, banquette seating is a fantastic place to start. This seating type takes the form of a long bench placed against, or built into, the wall and comes in a wide range of stunning finishes.

Here, we take a look at how banquette seating can elevate your pub’s interior and why it’s a great choice for pubs of all sizes and styles.

Create space

Banquette seating is an excellent space-saving option as it makes use of all available space. This means that you can ensure that your pub doesn’t feel cluttered with seating and instead has an inviting, streamlined look. You’ll also find that banquette seating provides an intimate dining experience as your customers will have their own space, that isn’t surrounded by others.

Choose your finish

When you opt for banquette seating, you can choose which finish you’d like, ensuring that your new seating fits the style of your pub. Choose between leather and fabric options, including stain-resistant materials which are important for the occasional food or drink spill! There are plenty of colours available too, so you can pick the one that best complements the theme of your pub. You can also select which stitching you’d like, such as whether you’d like it to match or contrast with your chosen fabric, as this can truly enhance the look of your new banquette seating.

Comfortable customers

Not only does banquette seating look great, but it’s comfortable for your customers too! Whether they’re stopping for a quick drink or having a leisurely meal, you can be confident that they’ll feel instantly rested and relaxed. Plus, banquette seating offers more space for people to sit, so larger groups won’t feel like they’re squashed around the table and can enjoy a bit of extra room.

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