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Save Space At Home With Banquette Seating

Banquette seating is becoming increasingly popular for use in homes. Both stylish and space-saving, banquette seating allows you to maximise space without compromising on your interior design.

Here’s how banquette seating can help you save space in your home.

Maximise space in your home

Banquette seating makes the most of space in your home. Built into walls, corners and other nooks, banquettes utilise space that would otherwise be wasted. Banquette seating is designed and made specifically for you, so the size and shape will be tailored to your unique room shape and design aspirations.

Banquettes also allow you to maximise seating in your home. Where a traditional table and chairs might seat four people in your dining area, a bespoke banquette could allow six to sit comfortably. If you have a unique window space or narrow room, banquette seating can be used to make this space useful and aesthetically pleasing.

Banquette seating to add storage

Another space-saving benefit of banquette seating is the storage opportunities. Not only do banquettes take up less space in your home, but they can also give you built-in, under-seat storage.

The interiors of your banquette bench provide plentiful storage for books, kitchen equipment, toys and other household items you want to keep out of sight. With less everyday clutter, you’ll then find you have even more space in your home.

Save space in every room

The beauty of banquette seating is that it can be used in any room of your home. Whether you want to save space in your kitchen, dining room, playroom, office or bedroom, a bespoke banquette can be designed to enhance your interiors.

Banquettes are particularly popular for dining – both stylish and practical, they can create an elegant, urban dining experience whilst making your kitchen or dining area feel larger. Opt for wipe-clean materials for easy maintenance – ideal if you have children – or a luxurious fabric to elevate your dining room.

Banquette seating with storage can be useful for bedrooms, playrooms and offices, and the vast range of options will suit rooms of any colour, age and design.

Craftwood specialise in designing and manufacturing bespoke banquette seating for all environments, including residential. To discuss adding banquette seating to your home, get in touch with the team today.