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Save space at work with banquette seating

Is your workplace pressed for space? Banquette seating can help save space in your office whilst improving the overall ambience.

Here’s how you can save space at work with banquette seating.

What is banquette seating?

Banquette seating is a long run of seating, often against a wall, favoured by hospitality venues in particular. However, banquette seating is becoming increasingly popular for other types of premises including residential, medical, educational and commercial offices.

Bespoke banquette seating is made-to-measure, so comes in a vast array of shapes and sizes. Highly personalisable, there are endless options for upholstering materials, colours, stitching, legs, arms, plinths and more.

Where can banquette seating be used in workplaces?

Banquette seating is ideal for a range of functions in your workplace. Firstly, dining areas lend themselves to banquette seating. Instead of having a canteen filled with traditional table and chairs, banquettes can seat more people and look more stylish. The same applies to break rooms and coffee shops in your office. However ambitious your workplace’s interior design, there’s banquette seating to match.

Breakout and collaborative rooms also suit banquette seating. With more offices looking to break the mould and introduce new ways of working, collaborative areas are increasingly common in workplaces. Banquette booths are ideal for collaborative work, with a range of size options to accommodate large team meetings through to one-to-ones. If you line your walls with banquette seating, you can create a large, collaborative space to encourage more efficient teamwork whilst enhancing the work environment.

Reception areas in your office can also benefit from banquette seating. They create a warm, open environment for visitors and clients to wait, creating the best first impression for your company whilst avoiding cluttering up entry ways with chairs.

How can banquette seating save space in your office?

Banquette seating isn’t just stylish – it can help you save space in your office, too. One of the reasons it is so popular with hospitality venues it that it helps to increase covers by seating more people at one time. The same applies to workplaces; you can seat more people whilst taking up less space. This allows for an open-plan, collaborative work environment without an excess of tables and chairs.

Because banquettes are made-to-measure, you can make use of all nooks in your building that aren’t currently utilised. They can also function as dividers between different areas of the office, meaning there’s no need for space-wasting office dividers. Banquette seating makes your office space work for you.

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