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Student Accommodation with Fixed Banquette Seating

Over recent years, student accommodation has changed a lot. With the increase in student fees, higher costs of living, and more and more alternative options for students available – campus universities and colleges are having to adapt to the higher standards expected from them.

Students no longer accept flimsy furniture, cheap chairs and threadbare sofas in their accommodation. These days, the furniture in student housing needs to create a lasting impression in order to win over prospective students, so it’s a good idea to invest in decent seating to help create an enviable environment.

Bespoke banquette seating is a great place to start. With a wide range of options available to suit all kinds of student accommodation, there are several reasons why booths, benches and banquettes could be the right choice for your university.

Maximise small spaces

Student accommodation isn’t exactly renowned for being the most spacious of properties. You can usually expect your room to just about squeeze in a bed and a small desk, and the communal living areas are not much different.

Banquette seating can be cleverly designed to make use of small corners and window bays – providing additional seating for reading, relaxing and socialising. Where individual chairs limit the number of people who can sit down, banquettes provide space for more people to get cosy.

Another clever thing about banquette seating is the handy storage solutions it provides. With the option for drawers or cupboards underneath, your students can store their board games and books without the need for bulky, additional furniture.

Create comfortable environments

Some students suffer a little with homesickness, especially when they first move out. There’s no denying that banquette seating creates a comfortable, cosy and homely atmosphere that students really appreciate.

Whether you choose a traditional brown leather style, or a contemporary and colourful design, a banquette in communal areas adds a level of cosiness and comfort that makes it feel like home.

With a combination of booth seating for cosy chats, and long banquettes for group hangouts, you can create an environment where your students love to spend time.

Minimise damage and repair costs

The type of material used is important when designing seating for student accommodation, as spaghetti hoop and vivid alcopop spills are predictable. You don’t want to be replacing your seating too often, so you’ll want to make sure yours is robust, long-lasting, and easy to maintain.

You can minimise the risks of damage and repair costs with banquette seating, as there is such a wide selection of wipe-clean, stain resistant, and fire retardant fabrics available. This helps to maintain a stylish quality within your student accommodation, while still being practical.

At Craftwood, we’re leading specialists in the manufacture and installation of bespoke banquette seating, furniture and soft furnishing solutions. With decades of expertise, we can offer you excellent quality, design led furniture, upholstery and coverings to help you create the perfect unique look for your student accommodation.

Take a look at our website to find out more about how Craftwood can help with your fixed banquette seating needs.