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The Best Seating For Care Homes

Bespoke seating can create a calming, welcoming space for your residents. With a range of hardwearing, easy-to-clean materials to choose from, your care home can stand out from the rest with stylish and practical interiors that enhance your residents’ quality of life.

Here’s why bespoke seating would benefit your care home.

Maximise space in your care home

In care homes, space matters. Maximising the space in your premises allows you to accommodate more residents. With bespoke seating, you can tailor the size and shape to fit seamlessly into your rooms.

For example, banquette seating can be built into walls, nooks and crannies to increase seating capacity in your living areas. Bench seating can make the most of dining room space, and booth seating can create a sense of privacy for family visits.

Banquette, booth and bench seating takes up less space than traditional tables and chairs, leaving more space for activities and wheelchairs.

A range of hardwearing, easy-to-clean materials

Bespoke seating offers a myriad of materials to choose from. Mix and match your fabrics to suit different rooms: choose from homely, durable fabrics for living rooms, wipeable materials for dining rooms and hardwood for garden seating areas.

With a vast range of colours and materials to choose from, you can design seating to complement any interior design scheme. For a welcoming and homely feel, opt for a coloured fabric with bespoke stitching. For a high-end, luxury feel, choose a smooth leather with diamond deep-buttoned backs.

There is a wide selection of wipeable, stain-resistant and fire retardant fabrics that are both practical and stylish. Many materials are suitable for wipe and steam cleaning – easy for staff to keep clean – and covers can be removed and replaced when needed.

Sustainable materials for environmentally conscious care homes

If your care home is committed to doing what it can for the environment, there are a range of sustainable seating options to choose from. Sustainable fabrics include those made from recycled plastic, ethically grown fibre crops and timber from fast-growing trees in FSC certified forests.

Well-built furniture is more sustainable as it has a long lifespan, therefore reducing waste that will be sent to landfill. If you want a fresh look to suit a new design scheme, seating can be recovered with new fabric to save both money and materials.