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The rise of fixed seating: why is it so popular in hospitality?

Whether you own a restaurant, work in a restaurant or just enjoy eating in restaurants – chances are you’ve used fixed seating before.

With the government’s Eat Out to Help Out scheme in full flow, you might be thinking about ways to update your restaurant’s layout in this post-pandemic climate. Fixed seating comes in a variety of styles, including benches, booths and banquettes. They utilise every corner of the room, using walls and nooks to create comfortable and stylish seating areas.

Banquettes have grown significantly in popularity over recent years, and we’re looking at some of the ways the hospitality industry benefits so much from fixed seating.

Maximise your space

Fixed seating can be designed perfectly to your restaurant’s specifications. Taking into consideration the size, shape and intricate details of your building – banquette seating can take advantage of your features and really maximise the space.

Perhaps you have an odd-shaped corner in the room that free-standing chairs don’t look quite right in. Maybe there’s a space by the door that isn’t big enough for a dining table, but could suit a small bench for coffee.

Fixed seating can solve a range of interior issues, adding extra seating into spaces that otherwise wouldn’t work.


Make bookings easier

Large bookings can be difficult for any restaurant to handle, so a wall bench seating area could be helpful for separating the party from the rest of the room, whilst still giving your guests a comfortable experience.

If you have a booking with a lot of children, you might be able to fit more guests into a banquette seating area than if everyone needed their own chair. This helps to make bookings a little easier, providing tailored space for all your customers.


Create a level of privacy for customers

Booth style fixed seating provides an additional level of privacy for your guests, making them feel more comfortable and providing a sense of exclusivity. Customers will have a better experience, appreciating the bustle of the restaurant while still enjoying a quiet conversation with friends.


Design your seating in any style

With an almost endless range of colours, fabrics, patterns and styles to choose from – you can design your fixed seating in any style to work with your restaurant décor.

From button backs and fluted backs, to capping, legs, plinths and stitching – there’s so much to decide.

You might choose a colourful velvet with a fluted back, or a dark and moody leather with rustic wooden plinths. Whatever you choose, your fixed seating will be designed to perfection to suit your overall aesthetic and make a real statement for your guests.

So really, It’s easy to see why fixed seating has become so popular in the hospitality industry over recent years.

At Craftwood, we’re leading specialists in the manufacture and installation of bespoke banquette seating. With decades of expertise working with restaurants, pubs, hotels, cafes and nightclubs – we can help you create the perfect unique look for your business.

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