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Why choose banquette seating for cruise ships

Banquette seating is becoming increasingly popular in the hospitality industry. Suited for any interior design scheme and perfect for enhancing guest experience, banquette seating gives a tailor-made touch of luxe to your cruise liner or yacht.

Banquettes come in all shapes and sizes with endless customisation options to suit every space on your ship. Built into the venue, banquette seating is ideal for venues on water as it remains in place in even the most choppy of seas.

Here’s why your cruise liner or yacht would benefit from banquette seating.

Elegant seating to maximise space

One of the main benefits of banquette seating is its ability to maximise space. Whatever the size of your function room, dining room or seating area, banquette seating makes the most of your floor space by providing comfortable seating for a larger number of guests in a smaller area than traditional tables and chairs allow.

Banquettes are tailor-made to fit the curves and contours of your ship, allowing every corner to be put to good use. They are often fitted along walls to make full use of the space.

Bespoke fitted seating can be especially beneficial for yachts, with its space-saving qualities making the boat feel more spacious whilst adding an element of luxury.

Intimate seating for a five-star experience

Banquette seating creates an atmosphere of exclusivity in restaurants and bars on your cruise liner. Perfect for intimate dining, banquette seating is more comfortable for guests and accommodates large parties without taking up extra space or disrupting other diners.

The sense of opulent privacy ensures your guests have a first-class experience in all your venues on board.

Banquette seating can also be used to separate spaces on your ship. For example, this might be to direct the flow of people through restaurants and busy areas, or to separate a bar from a seating area.

Endless seating options to fit any design scheme

Fulfil any creative vision with bespoke seating designed to your specific requirements. Personalisation options are endless, providing you with a truly one-of-a-kind seating installation to add wow factor to your cruise liner or yacht’s interiors.

Choose from a countless number of fabrics in a myriad of colours, patterns and textures, with further finishing options including stitching, capping, legs and plinths.

Whatever the décor of your ship, made-to-order banquette seating will be the plush centrepiece that ties your interior design together.

Craftwood Interiors specialise in handcrafted banquette seating for high-end venues, including cruise liners and private yachts. Get in touch today to discuss your banquette seating requirements with a member of the team.