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Why you should consider bespoke banquette and booth seating for your kitchen

Banquette seating is flexible, comfortable and provides a relaxed feel to any space. While you may have experienced banquettes and booths out in restaurants or hotels, have you ever considered adding one to your own kitchen space?

Fixed seating in your kitchen can add an informal area to enjoy eating and socialising, while also providing more storage. If you’re still not convinced, we’ve got a few more ideas why you should consider bespoke banquette seating for your kitchen.

Tuck into odd corners

Some houses, particularly older properties, can have odd corners and nooks that don’t seem to have any obvious design solutions. A bench for enjoying your morning coffee could be the perfect addition to your kitchen corner.

The versatility of banquette seating means you can incorporate curves, small corners and any other difficult shapes and edges into your design, so you can maximise the area to create a beautiful and unique space that you’ll use and enjoy.

Boost your storage

Another Christmas gift you hardly use, a bargain buy that you couldn’t resist, or a collection of items you can’t bear to part with. We all need more storage in our kitchens.

By adding a banquette to your kitchen, you can incorporate additional storage into your seating without losing valuable space in your cabinets.

Whether you opt for cupboards or drawers beneath a banquette bench, or open shelving on the wall above – there are plenty of useful ways to store your kitchen and dining gadgets with banquette seating.

Take a pew

Big windows in the kitchen can be beautiful, but not always functional. With a low windowsill it might not make sense to add more cabinets, so why not utilise the space and turn it into a casual seating area instead?

The addition of banquette seating can create an informal place for morning coffee or evening drinks – somewhere you can sit back, relax and take in the view. Add a couple of cosy cushions and throws to your bench and create a comfortable space for taking in the view of the outside world.

Add a breakfast nook

If you don’t have space for a dining table in your home, a kitchen corner could be transformed into a breakfast nook with banquette seating instead.

The kitchen is the most sociable space in the house, so adding a booth or a bench and a small table offers a space to sit down and eat while still being part of the hustle and bustle of the home.

With a range of fabrics, colours, shapes, and designs available – banquette seating can be made specifically to work with your kitchen.

At Craftwood, we have a dedicated and inspirational team of designers who can visit your kitchen and work with you to build a bespoke design specific to your requirements, with advice on styles, trends, fabrics and materials.

Browse through our website to find out more about how Craftwood can help with your banquette seating needs.