Snuggled away underneath the chaos of Paddington Station, Ayllu is a Peruvian- Japanese fusion restaurant serving contemporary sharing plates, sushi and innovative cocktails. Escaping the hustle and bustle of the city life and being transported to a social haven of comfort and warmth is exactly what this restaurant brings.
London W2
Hospitality, London, Banquette Seating
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The Solution

Built around the traditions of the Ayllu community of the Inca Empire, with its rich, dark green walls, elaborate decor and our beautiful plush banquette seating, the interiors are a showstopper. Banquettes were used to create areas where friends and family can come together and take time to share the experience of great food, much like The Ayllu which was a group of families that lived together and shared their mealtimes together.
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The décor throughout is chic, oversized pendant light bulbs hang from the ceilings giving it a warm and cosy feeling. Lilypad type mouldings create beautiful artwork on the walls. We created booths along one wall, which were upholstered in a dark green leather to match the dark green walls, we used our deep button technique creating an added detail. Along the far wall two curved banquettes were installed on plinths giving this area plenty of space for large groups of family and friends to enjoy sharing their meal.
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We also created a long banquette with a high fluted back in orange leather to line the apposing wall which created space for couple to enjoy a more intimate dining experience if required. The colours used are so rich and comforting, creating the perfect dining space for its visitors.
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The Result

Now open for bookings, Ayllu is the perfect spot to bring together friends and family. With its unique décor and classic Peruvian dishes to try this restaurant is a must when visiting Paddington. The size of your group does not matter when visiting Ayllu as our seating has created spaces perfect for any size.