Cohaesus provide bespoke technology, supporting some of the world’s leading advertising and communications agencies. In establishing their London office they looked to Gomm Studio for a bespoke solution to their seating requirements, Lou Gomm in turn relying on Craftwood to realise the designs.
Lou Gomm
Corporate , London, Booth Seating
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The Solution

Lou Gomm’s design took the form of twin face-to-face booths utilising straight run banquettes. The desired position presented a problem, however, as it would block access to an important valve in the water pipework system.
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The solution was to make the seat of one of the units removable, enabling access when necessary, the unsightly valve and pipework concealed by the seating’s elegant oak veneered capping and plinths so you wouldn’t even know it was there…

…the polished oak veneer lending a stylish touch to the seating backs and complementing the parquet flooring.
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The Result

Lou Gomm’s designs for Cohaesus’ office seating makes simplicity stylish. As an aside, for its London HQ the company selected The Space, an office provider whose watchwords are sustainability and environmental awareness. It is perhaps fitting then that the seating uses an Ecolabel certified fabric that is 100% renewable and compostable – when the times comes….Craftwood’s wide ranging experience means we are able to advise on fabric suitability and durability for any given application.

Images Courtesy of Elayne Barre Photography