Contiki, London

Contiki is arguably the most popular youth travel company in the world, creating the trend for youth group travel back in 1962 and launching package tours designed to appeal to 18 – 35 year olds looking for adventure and good times. Looking for an updated relaxing environment for their London base, Contiki commissioned Jordan Littler Interior Design.
Jordan Littler Design
Corporate, London, Seat Pads
Jordan Littler Creative Contiki, London 15 1732 ID6

The Solution

Life’s an Adventure – Contiki is very conscious of its brand identity and niche market – young people looking to see the world and have a good time doing it – so the interior of its London base was designed with this in mind.

Jordan Littler has introduced strong clean lines to form a relaxing seating area for socialising and informal meetings etc.
Jordan Littler Creative Contiki, London 15 1732 ID3
This fine study shows the new layout with its bespoke seat pads to good effect. Contiki Tours provides for a mix of socialising and free time amid sight seeing, exploring and taking in local culture. The interior style and layout of its London Basement amiably reflects the combination.
Jordan Littler Creative Contiki, London 15 1732 ID2
Craftwood’s scatter cushions in zany patterns and bright colours lend a casual air to the space where Contiki’s young travellers gather ahead of their adventures. The “Tiki” in Contiki comes from the name of a Maori good luck charm, and visitors to Contiki Basement will certainly be in luck, finding Craftwood’s seat pads and cushions aiding relaxation and conviviality!
Jordan Littler Creative Contiki, London 15 1732 ID7

The Result

“#No Regrets” is Contiki’s motto for life. The same could be said of its choice of designer for its restyled interior. A modern, updated look – casual yet bright with seating conducive to the group interaction that is so much a part of the Contiki experience, the London base provides for the mix of socialising, sightseeing and travel which has made Contiki the most popular provider of youth travel in the world. Craftwood is proud to have contributed to the improvements to its focal London base.