Bringing the spirit of Latin America to the heart of London, the modern Peruvian restaurant COYA takes you on a vibrant tour of fresh fusion food created by their world-famous chef, Sanjay Dwivedi. Colourful furnishings and blown up framed pictures line the walls of diamond-studded Rolex watches and vintage champagne. With it being a well-known worldwide chain, we are over the moon we got to work on this project.
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Hospitality, London, Banquette Seating
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The Solution

Complete with a Members Club, Pisco Bar and Lounge, Private Dining, and Restaurant, COYA can home any event. We had the pleasure of supplying our seating to all of the above areas. Each section hosts different décor, which meant we created different seating for each area to go with the theme they were achieving for each.
19 0832 Coya ID1 Members
For the Members Lounge, think distressed meets chic, the walls have been purposefully painted in a way that gives it a weathered look, but they have used a gold paint that makes it look elegant and classy. The seating we did for this area was upholstered in a beautiful rich green velvet and giving it a look of real luxury, these features deep button backs and have been situated on dark turned legs. They look perfect in this area, giving it the perfect amount of class for the members to enjoy.
19 0832 Coya ID10 Restaurant
For their Pisco Bar and Lounge we reupholstered an existing banquette that lines the back wall of the bar, this was a plain back banquette that was upholstered in a beautiful chestnut leather, which matched the leather in the restaurant. The bar area has a rich colour palette, royal blue walls and greenery hanging from the ceiling.
19 0832 Coya ID6 Pisco Bar Lounge
In the main restaurant patterned engravings in wood can be found decorating the walls, we created a button back banquettes upholstered in leather, all of the seating we created links in with one another but has it own individual differences that make a statement in an already striking restaurant.
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The Result

COYA Mayfair looks fantastic, it has got the right amount of class and elegance. It has got a unique Peruvian feel about it which is alluring to the eye. On receiving these pictures, they have got to be one of our favourites to look at because there are so many textures and colours within this venue that make a beautiful and striking location to enjoy a fabulous menu.