EL&N, Hans Crescent

Founded by Alexandra Miller and located just 30 seconds from Knightsbridge underground station and opposite Harrods, this alluring coffee shop was in prime position for a mammoth footfall! Not that it needed help, Elan’s clientele travel far and wide to visit London’s most “instagrammable” Café. It has even won an award for it!
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London SW1X
Hospitality, London, Banquette Seating
18 5168 Elan, Hans Crescent WFC Contractors ID4

The Solution

The all pink interior throughout all their Café’s ooze romance, Love Hearts and soft pink velvet lining the walls this was a venue everyone and anyone could fall head over hills for.
With carousel horses embedding the flower walls and pink neon signs the seating had to be just as aesthetically pleasing to compliment an already mesmerising coffee spot.
18 5168 Elan, Hans Crescent WFC Contractors Id1edit
Our cosy booth seating located downstairs opposite the Love Heart caves was, of course, pink. Velvet in texture and fluted booth walls to match a perfect area to catch up with friends.
18 5168 Elan, Hans Crescent WFC Contractors ID2
Craftwood's main seating can be found upstairs, a banquette tracing the walls and an island creating 4 separate areas for customers to sit. Matching the downstairs booths, the same material was used for all the work we created within the venue. The fluted backs were a theme throughout, but the island was created with a comfy roll back effect.
18 5168 Elan, Hans Crescent WFC Contractors ID5

The Result

Celebrities and famous bloggers flock to this irresistible venue for that perfect Instagram shot and also for its delicious food. The brand EL&N is now known widely and its interiors are easily spotted along all social media platforms. Our seating works perfectly within this venue, the soft texture gives a dreamy cloud like effect, which goes in line with this dream of a Café.