Galley Restaurant

The Galley located in fashionable Islington, North London, is the first restaurant to be opened by the brother and sister team of Marcel Grzyb and Oriona Robb. The pair had a distinct vision for their restaurant including an open plan layout enabling diners to observe the skill of the chefs, while at the front of the restaurant a bar would serve innovative as well as classic drinks. For all this they specified a high quality fit out.
Mika Burdett of Burdett Associates
Hospitality, London, Booth Seating
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The Solution

The designer worked closely with the client in order to develop the concepts for the interior, challenging in itself it being the very first restaurant they had opened. Though Galley may have been their first venture, with 10 years experience in running a busy kitchen head chef Marcel knew exactly what he wanted from the end result.
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Working in close collaboration with the owners, designer Mika Burdett envisaged an interior with luxury furniture and for its part Craftwood worked closely alongside the design team to create seating to suit. With stitch fluted backs in a plush black fabric and sprung seats in Yarwood Dollaro Green faux leather the seating certainly conveys the right impression.
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The restaurant was designed to have a vintage feel reflecting the locality, which is renown for antique dealers and shops selling vintage clothing and memorabilia.

The locale is also a favourite of designers and artists hence the interior designer’s desire to capture the air of informality and look of an artist’s studio.
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The Result

With a convivial European cafe atmosphere, the Galley exudes style and sophistication, boasting “stunning interiors”, to cite Premier Hospitality magazine. The Galley was felt to be, “a class above anything else in the N1 dining scene both in design and the gastronomic experience.” High praise indeed!